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  1. Forgot the last time I entered one of these CBs (may have been on the other site), but since this one here has a perfect theme that's right up my alley i''ll be game. My entry: Parts to be used: Quick mock up: Color will likely be in the gloss red range, but nothing too crazy and plan to make it street legal as possible.
  2. Finally, someone on here brings up a scenario like this! Least it's the same make and model type and not a totally different car that looks similar but still the wrong kit in the wrong box. Case in point, about 10 years ago my Dad and I went to a now defunct LHS to get the AMT '69 Rivera they had so he could make a replica of the 1:1 his parents drove. The AMT '69 Rivera was the 2005-ish RC2 issue in this box: When we opened it, the entire contents (even instructions) of this kit was in the Rivera's box instead. We were both like ?????? Maybe the RC2 factory packer somehow thought the Buick was the same car as the Dodge? (even though they don't look anything alike) Maybe the worker had a blind condition of some sort and though both cars were the same since they were molded in grey plastic?? My dad joked "maybe the General Lees at Michael's are Rivera's in disguise?". There was no way RC2 was going to get a replacement due to the Round 2 takeover, so we then grabbed a RC2 issue GL at Michaels with a 40% off at his insistence to see if his joke turns out to be a freaky coincidence. Opened that one up and yup, had a full '69 Rivera in the Charger box. Then about 3 years ago I bought a Revell '65 Chevy Stepside 2 in 1 from Michael's and then get this: the contents and instructions were of Now talk about bizarre....
  3. I understand this isn't for the faint of heart Mopar nuts and some of ya are gonna spout out "YOU PUT A WHAT IN THAT POOR OLD DODGE?!". But, since the 330 had a slant six on the base models this combo pays a modern homage to those slant sixers with a twist. This was the AMT boxed Lindberg kit i got on markdown for $7.50 at HL, and since I rarely do things OOB I brainstormed some customizing ideas on what to do with it. I found a resin 2JZ and resin turbos that a friend gave me a while back in my stash and that got the spark going for my next project on top of a closet full of kits i plan to chip away at. Interior is Testors light gray rattle can and basically OOB, added a dash gauge cluster piece (from a Revell pro stock of some sort) and a 57 'Vette steering wheel with a custom stick on the steering column to replicate a shiftier on the wheel type config. 2JZ resin motor has resin twin turbos mounted on modified headers from a Ferrari Boxer 12, plastic tubing as intake pipes, and a custom side exhaust made from a Mustang muffler and Lamborghini exhaust tips. Cadiator from a AMT Dodge Viper, and suspension is pretty much stock but added new drive shaft to go to 2JZ tranny and modified engine mounts on suspension and transmission brace. Wheels and tires are from a AMT Dodge Concept Car builder (that looked as some child did his/her own "crash testing" as it's body all broken, but wheels were intact for only $1). Paint is Tamiya TS-60 Pearl Green cleared with Pledge, and the frame is Krylon Stainless Steel Finish. I also added a Japanese Licence plate from a Aoshima Skyline of some sort because why not. To those who appreciate homages, I hope you enjoy!
  4. Nice! Thanks for the info ill relay it to him. Yeah, possible the set i bought was indeed a mediocore copy of yours, but the weird thing is the center taillight decal WAS true slver in the lettering yet the side black stripes where the silver should be are transparent?? Guess we're gonna have to watch out for such "thievery" even in our modeling community. Case in point, many years ago when youtube was sprouting and before the content id elitests, i made an account (very breifly) with some slideshow videos of some of my builds with music. Not only did my videos get flagged by inept rights holders for music (when it was from old video games ala 16 bit and some f zero tunes), but i had dozens of dumb trolls and morons steal my slideshow videos music and all, and claiming them as their own getting away without content id claims like I had (most of whom have dissapeared most likely due to the recent YT copyright perges that have been going on) Instead of getting into wars with trolls that will always win, I said eff youtube and rarely post stuff even today unless its a build i find special to me (because even the trolls could steal my photos and make some dumb claims on my work).
  5. So you were the one who made those decals originally? These look better than the ones i got which were ok ish but kinda transparent (the silver here is proper, not white on the sheet then transparent like what i had). The guy who comes to the mtgs from time to time sells things hes picks up dirt cheap from toy shows and nnl/swap meets, so its possible he could get things like Lee knock offs of Tamiya kits and no name decals that could be someones lower quality "boots" of others sheets in bundles he gets. I imagine you originally made those decals for one of your builds then decided to offer them for sale? I have a friend who would be intrested in your set and wonder if you have a site or email of some sort for him?
  6. 80s issue bought for a fiver (considering how rare these are), but it was started with some things glued and tons of parts missing but luckily had most of the main essential parts intact. Had to fab up grill inserts using mesh screening, headlights from a 57 Bel Air, and a parts dashboard modded and trimmed down from a AMT drag car of some sort. Most of the suspension parts were ether missing or glued to bonded mush so cooked up a C4 front suspension and rear from a Monogram Monte Carlo. The V12 flathead engine was glued to high hell and the wonky molded in v8 headers weren't appealing, so in went a Viper v10 with custom intake tubes and radiator. Wheels and Tires were from the Cali wheels issue 57 Bel-air and a 5th extra was found to act as a de-facto spare tire since the kits piece was missing. Paint is Tamiya Clear Orange over Rustoluem Aluminum cleared with future, and some tribal decals were spares from one of the 66 Impalas I built.
  7. A few months ago at one of the local mtgs, a member was selling some kits and aftermarket decal sheets cheap. Bought some deals and the decals were mostly Slixx drag car decals and 80s-90s era sheets from kits like monogram drag cars and some 90s AMT, but one he had that struck me was a Trans Am Collectors Edition decal sheet (in a baggie marked 2002 Firebird, no manufacturer name) that appeared to fit the Revell 98 Firebird, and it was only a buck so I bought it. Since I had a 2005 Revell reissue of the 98 Firebird on hand and these decals, I looked up photos of the 1:1s to get an idea of what the decals were for and that would give me a spark for a quick fun future project (after dealing with all the work on a incomplete Monogram 41 Lincoln which I also plan to post here). Paint is Rustoluem Yellow (close enough match for the 1:1 sun yellow) and Colorplace black for the roof, all cleared with future. Decals were ok-ish at best, a bit thin and transparent (the silver stripes on the 1:1s are kinda a transparent darkish color here thou) but they did the job well, and I wasn't gonna sweat this being factory stock since I had a plans to do light custom work anyway. Part of the ram air intake had a bit of a short shot so that was cut off and plastic tubing painted silver was used to as an intake pipe to connect to what wasn't half molded. The stock wheels were too small so the custom wheels were used and the toy-ish chrome backings were painted black with rotor decals from another kit to livin it up. The 98 had a single exhaust for some odd reason so that piece was swapped from a snap-tite '93 a friend of mine traded me for another 98 I had that he wanted (he's in love with 4th gen F-bodies and wants to try to build one of these too since I bought the decals first and wonders who originally made them). Apologies if a few of the pics came out kinda blurry, but I didn't notice them on my phones screen (OLEDs must have some kind of magic that hides imperfections that show on normal HDTVs).
  8. Thanks for the comments folks! I'm working on another one of these I got that showed up surprisingly at AC Moore. The next one is gonna be truly OOB but the body color will be something other black, so stay tuned...
  9. Mostly OOB, only change swapped wheels from the '48 Caddy onto this (originally, I was going to strip them down and repaint them, but after seeing the purple pond take off the red trim on the wheel without getting the chrome oddly enough I changed plans). Paint is Tamiya TS-20 Metallic Green cleared with Pledge with Future. Apologies for the spotty lighting in a white bookshelf, this is only makeshift till I get things in order since I moved into a former siblings room months ago since I got anything done and still setting up.
  10. It depends, some Michael's stores have a little bit more selection and can get random kits on occasion (Years ago some stores has tons of GMC Syclones and one of the local ones I went to recently had a Baja Bronco along with the stock Bronco, one 85 Olds FE3X lumped together with the 83 Hurst 442s and a bunch of Revell '70 Chargers R/T stock versions lumped with the F&F version). Ditto for AC Moore though due to the way they their selection priced as an assortment (rather than grouping each kit with a certain price like Michael's and HL does) they have even more random kits than those two combined at times. At various AC Moores on occasion I've seen some recent releases at various the LHS's normally carry like the new '67 Camaro, Mazda Miata, 49 Merc Woodie, Sox and Martin 70 Plymouth Hemi Cuda, '62 Corvette 2 in 1, 1/25 Kenworth K-100 Aerodyne, and some Round 2 reissues like MPC 69 AMX, '79 Ford Pinto Wagon, DOH Dasey's Road Runner, AMT Camaro and Corvette snaps, and PL kits like the Batmobile and BTTF Deloreans.
  11. Wouldn't surprise me if Amazon ended up buying Revell-o-gram since they're also planning to buy some TRU stores. I'd imagine if that were to happen it would be another hit for the retail market and the end for brick and mortar LHS's and craft stores. TBH, I prefer going through an LHS or craft store to get kits and paints since I get to see what they look like instead of receiving the product totally different from the image on Amazon (rare but happens on occasion since they clump together descriptions in such sloppy fashion) and in most cases Amazon is a little bit more for kits especially OOP ones.
  12. I do indeed remember the cardboard isle displays TRU had for various AMT kits and PL pre painted kits like 65 Cornet and 04 GTO about 12 years ago. Some locations back around 7 years ago had sections near the die cast cars for Revell Snap-Tites but they were the evergreen ones like PT snoozer and VW bug with SRPs of 27.99 IIRC, which was absurd when the craft stores had the same kits less than that at SRP and even cheaper with coupons. Last my Dad and I went to the nearest TRU about a year ago (out of his curiosity for spotting any 1/64th Greenlight diecast trucks on deep markdown), only two models I saw near the diecasts were the AMT Ghostbusters Ecto 1 and a Revell F&F 1999 Honda Civic. They didn't have any clearance stickers but yet the Ecto 1 rung up 22.99 on clearance while the Civic was 19.99 clearance, which was more than HL had for them with ether 40 off coupons or when HL marked them down to around 8.75. Funny how Toys R Us griped about competition and Amazon causing their demise, yet poor business decisions (including a buyout that led to piling on debt) and cooperates taking the money and running for the gold jets and Las Vegas trips also didn't help ether.
  13. I got the PL kit in my massive backlog. Since I used its time machine parts on a "custom what if" using a Monogram Fiero GT a while back, I will attempt to turn the Delorean into a stock mild custom or similar.
  14. The street versions already out, it's the SnapTite. Unless they see sales are impressive enough given the state of their parent owner, I don't see them tooling up another stock version from this full detail tool when the snap has been out for a while.
  15. I don't have a Meijer store in NY, but the prices you mention aren't that hot anyway, since I got an RX7 from a local vendor a while back for 15 sealed but ended up missing a part which was a whole 'nother story.
  16. Anyone see the Revell '78 RX7 and Miata on clearance last there? I wanna stock up on those case they go OOP quick like the last issues of the Datsuns.
  17. 3 Guys is still open after all? Phewww! Gonna have to drop by there sometime after this snow job we're getting, roads are gonna be a battlezone for the next few days after. I do know that Elwood Hobby (AKA, Larry's Hobby back before the name change around 2008-ish) at 3006 Jericho Tpke., East Northport, NY isn't around anymore, last we tried to go there was back around 3 years ago we went past and his whole store space was empty with no sign ;(. My dad and I used to go to that place from time to time before we joined LIARS in '09, ahh the memories.
  18. Which LHS was this? Don't tell me it was 3 Guys Hobby in Smithtown? I know that one was run by a widowed old woman as we've gone there on occasion, last we went was back in July IIRC. I know, its sad all these are starting to fade away. Many factors are ever increasing rates of everything and lack of interest in the general public and most of today's youth (kids today are ether 24/7 PC gamers and/or know how to hack websites and phones, while ppl in my age bracket make shock videos and adult things on the web or scam for drug money, its crazy!)
  19. Here's the thing, that RX7 was missing the glass front rear and taillights and all were part numbered on the form, which turned out to be the entire tree anyway. A friend of mine was missing the whole chrome tree on his sealed new issue Acura Integra bought from Ebay, and Revell sent his less than a week he filled in his replacement form and got it. Meanwhile I'm still waiting two months for mine and CS lied about it being sent out 9/28 when it was still in process as they said in an earlier email, so its not the type of request I'm making since my friend made his similar, its just incompetence near the holidays and excuses to cover their chops. Now, if say something not crucial to the car like stock wheels/tires and seats were missing or defected, then I wouldnt've went through this CS circus and easily have gotten replacements. But since the glass and such are crucial parts that would be hard to replicate otherwise, I would hate to pay near MSRP for another kit and be in the same boat wasting it just for the glass. My request is completely honest as i'm in no way abusing the system, just asking for something that was purely missing on the copy I bought from the vendor (who was cheaper than Hobby Lobby's 40% off before they carried it) that doesn't take returns at all, even if the box was heavily crushed or if the kit was open and had defects/missing parts. The vendor understands my situation and completely believes me since he told me about Revell's incident with the Foose Caddys (I can guess why that he still has tons of those), but he told me that ppl schemed him off in the past and that's why his policy stands. No one at Revell CS asked for a UPC code nor pictures. IDK if it's standard procedure or not. Guess for now on, I buy and pay 2x more from someone who takes returns regardless instead of someone cheaper but has an old grudge against ppl.
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