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  1. Nice Mustang. Well done.
  2. Looks pretty good.
  3. Awesome looking GT. Well done.
  4. That really came out great. Well done.
  5. Beautiful diorama. Very well done.
  6. Jim B

    62 impala

    Very nice!
  7. Well done. I remember these cars.
  8. Jim B

    XTRA Lease Decals

    Thanks, Jerry. Saw your PM. I bet you could Tom. Time starts now!
  9. I am looking for XTRA Lease decals for the Moebius smooth side van trailer: Does anyone know if anyone makes them? Those aero skirts would be nice, too.
  10. Nice looking surf wagon.
  11. Great Cobra. Love those cars. Well done.
  12. Great looking Hornet. Well done. Is this the '54?
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