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  1. I got these in a lot that I bought and I am not really interested in big trucks. The blue GMC CO is built to look weathered and has the livestock trailer with it. I believe these are 1/25 AMT kits. The Yellow Peterbilt with the lowboy trailer is very nicely done with lots of details and has weathering to make look like a working truck. There is a light and the chrome handle that are off, but they are here. They just need to be put back on. I believe the cab is 1/24 and is Revell or Monogram, but I don't know trucks that well. The Freightliner is also very nicely built and comes with a matching trailer. It is an older issue Monogram 1/32 kit. The Green Peterbilt is built to look like it is weathered or a junkyard truck also. It is the same truck as the yellow one. All of them are nicely done. Things I am looking for: Unbuilt kits: AMT 1960 Ford Galaxie AMT 1971 Charger Revell 1950 Oldsmobile Custom Monogram 1939 Chevy Delivery Monogram Pro Stock Thunderbird (any livery) Monogram MGTC (plastic) MPC Connie Kalitta Bounty Hunter F/C MPC Bantam Blast MPC Winged Express MPC 1932 Ford Sedan Delivery If these don't work, let me know what you have.... I would like to trade : GMC and trailer for 1 unbuilt, boxed kit Green Peterbilt for 1 unbuilt boxed kit. 1/32 Freightliner and trailer for 1 unbuilt boxed kit. Yellow Peterbilt and lowboy for 2 unbuilt boxed kits.
  2. I went to a local flea market and found these today: The Woody is complete. Box is a little worn. The Packard had a rough box that was sealed. Got it home and opened it, nice and minty inside with good chrome and glass. Got the Woody for $20 and the Packard for $10, so I am pretty happy! 😃
  3. Beautiful job! Outstanding detail and workmanship!
  4. Yeah, I am no expert on these, I followed the instructions. Oddly enough, I have another one I built with a single small block and that one is right. Maybe when you use the double engine set up it is the only way it will fit unless you modify it?
  5. 1968 Issue AMT Double Dragster, built to match the twin engined rail on the side of the box. It has chrome reverse wheels from the AMT '34 Ford pickup on parts pack slicks on the rear and later issue decals, otherwise built from the box.
  6. Beautiful job! Love it! Great color and stance!
  7. Great job! The DOT cars were cooler than a lot of the real cars at the time!
  8. Another beautiful build! Your work is among the best out there!
  9. That is really cool! Love the 50's era Canadian cars. Grear stance and I like the mild custom treatment!
  10. I always liked these. I had decent built ups of the Playboy and Packard and an unbuilt Mercer with no box at one point.I foolishly sold them years ago. It would be nice if they were reissued, but I doubt it will happen....
  11. Excellent work! Great colors and detailing!
  12. Yeah, I thought the Revell body was the closest to being right, guess it's not. It would have been nice if someone would have gotten it right, The '70 Chevelle is one of my favorite cars, but it seems all the versions out there are flawed. I will probably build the Monogram one and make it as right as I can without major reconstruction, as I said, I had it and all the Monogram muscle kits when I was a kid (8th/9th grade). I want to build it partially because of nostalgia and also because they go together pretty easily. Thanks for all your input on this!
  13. I am actually thinking of removing the cowl flap and hood pins and leaving off the stripes, so it would just have the domed hood which was standard on SS models. Something like these:
  14. Thanks Roger and Casey, I checked the AMT tires and they seem to fit and look right, so I will probably go with them. Thanks!
  15. I know it is a simplified kit with "issues" but I want to build it as nicely as I can. It is kind of nostalgic because I had this kit when I was a kid. The one I have is the molded in red, 1983 issue so it is a stock only version and doesn't have the big tires or slicks. At some point, I want to combine the Revell snap '70 SS and a Revell '68 or '69 SS to build a more correct '70 SS, but that will take a lot more work and I want something simple right now.
  16. I have both the AMT tires and a MRC set with Keystones. I'll check and see if they work. Thanks!
  17. I am looking at starting the Monogram 1983 issue 1970 Chevelle SS kit and I want to build it factory stock. The tires are ok, but the tread pattern is not great. Are there any better ones out there in 1/24 scale? The ones in the kit are GY GT Radials and seem a little too wide for stock. If I decide to build the car and there are no other options, I will use a set of unlettered tires from a later issue ( which are the same tire without markings) and use Fireball white letter decals on them.
  18. Sad to hear this, didn't know he was sick. Very funny guy.
  19. Even though this is a silly design that does not represent any real car, I love the box art! I will be getting one!
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