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  1. Very nice job on these! It seems hard to get these to look nice in scale, at least it was for me, you have done a first rate job!
  2. Great lot of builds!! Nice job!!
  3. Great builds! Love the Woody, Charger and the LX Mustang!!
  4. Nice work! Great lot of quality builds there!
  5. larman

    My class of 2019

    Cool builds. love the Super Bee!
  6. Here is an old AMT '57 Chevy, before and after. B/MP drag car.
  7. Wow! almost a shame to put it in a car and cover it up!
  8. Great job! Love the suede paint, the wheel and tires are perfect for the car and the stance is just right.
  9. Phenomenal! They really look more like real cars than models, especially the way you photographed them.
  10. Wow! This is probably the best build I have seen of this kit! nice paint, love the color!
  11. Your work is so inspiring! I love all the details! It is great to have people like yourself on this site who know real cars so well and translate that to their scale builds.
  12. Nice careful work! Vintage drag cars are my favorite!
  13. This is among the top builds on here! Fabulous work!
  14. Your work is top notch! I just love those Max Wedge Mopars!
  15. Don't know how I missed this one, but wow!!! Beautiful model!!
  16. Great job on all them!
  17. larman

    My 2019 Builds

    Nice group of builds!
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