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  1. Cool project. I like the subtle touches on your motor weathering, such as the metal showing through on the starter etc.
  2. Looks like a very productive year, nice variation.
  3. Danno!!! Sweet, sooo happy to see this is going live again! I look forward to seeing you and everyone else!
  4. Thanks for sharing, a really nice stable of well built models you have there.
  5. Very nice variety and well built models, looks like you had a great year!
  6. Looks good, you are braver than I would be to go outsid.....er paint outside in that temp... 🙂
  7. I would use a very light gray wash around them, which would highlight them nicely
  8. Depending on how you spray it, it can look like fabric, rubber floor matting, bed-liner etc. This is not the best picture, but where I used it for a roof. Despite the color you use, you can spray over it, which is what I did here.
  9. Looks like a very well spent year at the bench!
  10. looks really good, nice save
  11. So sorry to hear about your home, I hope it all worked out for you. All good looking models, but this one really appeals to me. Sharp!
  12. Sorry, forgot the quote option so you can see it. https://www.youtube.com/c/A4Garage
  13. Good looking couple of trucks
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