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  1. Such a cool looking ride! I really like that wheel choice for this project.
  2. These are great brushes, and should last years for our model purposes if cared for properly.
  3. Cool project with some really nice touches. I like the way you photographed it as well.
  4. Good looking model, nice color choice.
  5. Completed a good trade about 10-12 days ago with Casey Littmann. Thanks Casey!
  6. Check your cell phone camera setting, and see if you have a preset option call "portrait". If so, give that a shot, especially outdoors. It gives a really nice result.
  7. looks good! Nice color combo.
  8. Very nicely done, super clean build
  9. Glad this one was resurrected, I have never seen this one somehow. Good looking model!
  10. nice work so far on a great kit. I bought several of these for the extra parts, especially the ones with the extra motor.
  11. Glad I could help with some useful info. Just grab the candy/cooking thermometer from the kitchen, toss it in, where your model parts would be sitting, close the lid, and experiment with the rheostat dial until you get the temp you want. I usually go for 105-110. Once you get it right, I put a tic mark on the dial for future reference.
  12. I like the Dr Dry Booth, and at that price it is very tempting to buy it, as I really like that front loading, without have to fidgit with rack height al the time, and leave the bodies on the paint stands etc. If you have one with no thermostat , (like I do as my wife found one unused at a garage sale I believe) and the temp cannot be reduced to the 105 to 110 as it is, you can use one of these to adjust the element if the vent holes are not enough. As others have said, I use a candy thermometer to see the temp where the parts are. Philmore 30-10194 AC Plug-In Dimmer Switch Light Lutron, (can be had for just over $10) or use a Dremel rheostat if you have one.
  13. Very cool to "see" details going in that may never be seen in the end product.
  14. The Guarantee is a joke, there is no money back, no free postage next time, nothing. SOoo, I do not get exactly WHAT is guaranteed. AND..I just sent someone a set of tires, $4.60. They are trying to price themselves out of having to deliver certain items.
  15. I meant one of the model shows, but hey, would love to see it at the cars and coffee! 🙂
  16. Both the bikes, AND the builders make a nice pair! I can assure you all that seeing these bikes in person, only makes them that more impressive. If you are at a show, and have a chance to speak these gentlemen, it will be time well spent, and you will likely hear a nice life story. Great guys with great skills.
  17. Bill, please drive this up to one of the Phoenix shows, would love to see it in person.
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