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  1. GoatGuy

    Remington T-Bird

    Here is one of the Remington cars. The other 2 are unfinished. Some day..... I used Testors NASCAR Remington green paint and the kit decals. Fine wire was used for the roof antenna. Comments welcome. Dave
  2. This is a build I finished quite a while ago and thought I would share it. A few added details were done. Slixx decals and Tru Match green and black paint were used. Hope you like it.
  3. I agree Dave!!! Seeing it in person helps somewhat, but I'm still blown away with Tim's results. And with his willingness to stop what he is doing and spend time showing me how to successfully work with braided line. Thanks again Tim!!!
  4. Keep up the good work, waiting for more updates! I can smell the nitro.
  5. Love your precise, detailed parts Tim. Can't wait to see it !!!!
  6. John I love this build. It looks great. Hopefully you'll take pics outdoors and I'm sure it will look like the 1:1 van.
  7. Francis, I am blown away with your results and talent. Can't wait for MORE !!!
  8. I just went through this build and loved every bit of it. Looking forward to seeing more.
  9. Great update Tim. Looking forward to seeing this in person!!!
  10. This is looking great. Love the body.
  11. That's a wild looking build. Good job.
  12. Hey Guys I'm looking for a copy of instructions for a Monogram '82 - 83 Pro Stock Camaro. I got some parts on ebay and can't identify a couple of them. Your help is appreciated. Dave
  13. On a recent build I used a Molotow pen to put chrome in the recess of the taillights and then the red lenses. It came out good.
  14. Great crazy paint and the taillights came out great as well. Dave
  15. Looks good. Now all we see are the cars and nothing else. Looking forward to seeing more. Dave
  16. Love that build. NICE !!!
  17. Great job. Excellent paint and details.
  18. Any more pics of this build? Looks great. Suggestion....buy a sheet of gray paper, maybe 18x24, and take your pics of the car on it.
  19. GoatGuy

    Petty 200th

    Really nice !! Very well done.
  20. Great work Francis. I love seeing and learning more about fabricating parts. Thanks for the update. Dave
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