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  1. Super update Ian. Looking forward to more of your talent
  2. Tim, it's always great to see what you've done. That rear and brakes are (no words are adequate)...... Dave
  3. Francis, I'm just now catching up on some builds here and your progress is Fantastic. I need to go back and see how you made the headers. Great inspiration for us to see your updates. Dave
  4. Tim, they look great!! Just my opinion, I like the shape of the Maverick over the Mustang II. Looks a bit more aerodynamic. But either way I'm sure your build will be awesome. Dave
  5. The lettering looks great Francis! Another detail well made.
  6. Francis, amazing work. I look at results like this, then go to my bench to see what I can add to get a little closer to realism. Thanks for sharing. Have you considered doing some short videos to put on youtube?
  7. John, how did I miss this build? It really looks like it's sitting in a garage and could actually start up. Fantastic.
  8. Enjoying this already. I'm looking forward to more. Dave
  9. Fantastic update AGAIN. And thank you for the reply about rivets use and brackets.
  10. Randy, WOW .....love it. And the editor of Porsche Panorama thinks it is amazing as well. I sent him two pics of the engine.
  11. I'm just seeing this build today. You're doing great!
  12. Francis, again your updates are awesome and inspiring. In case I missed the info, what size are the brass rivets you used for carriage bolts on the bumper? And did you make the small brackets that hold the fuel line to the frame? I appreciate any info.
  13. Tim, I too agree with the idea of not blasting the pumpkin. That assembly looks fantastic. And, yes, life can certainly take a guy away from the bench. Looking forward to more of your work my good friend.
  14. Tim, as usual, your work is instructional and amazing. Love it. Dave
  15. A great idea to take some pics at the track!! I've seen that a book about WJ is coming out soon. Looking forward to your other builds.
  16. That looks great !!! Too bad the NHRA season was messed up by the virus. I've really enjoyed going to Maple Grove in the past.
  17. Francis, WOW. I finally took time to catch up on the forum and builds. What a great experience seeing your updates. I envy the guys that have seen your work in person. I have had the luxury of seeing Tim's work in person and Dave Comp and hope to see their work again soon. I need to dust off my bench and utilize the inspiration from you guys. Dave
  18. Looking forward to more of your build.
  19. Tim, what else can be said? I'm looking forward to more, more. Dave
  20. Once again John it looks like you borrowed a 1:1 car, set it up in the park and took pics. Great job buddy. Dave
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