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Found 268 results

  1. My '77 k-10 Chevy. I absolutely loved this build & look forward to building more trucks in the future. This is my first taste of two tone painting & am very pleased with the way it turned out. I put a lot more time & detail into the engine & cab & I really believe they make the truck much more outstanding. If anyone has any comments, or constructive criticism please give a reply. I really want to get better. Thank y'all
  2. My '65 Chevy c-10 stepside. This was the second model car I ever built. I actually went back & redid a lot of the paint but as you can tell I'm sure, all of the glass is missing. Glue was smeared all over it so I thought it looked better without it. Very proud of this & I'm very happy that my builds have only gotten better as time has gone on
  3. '69 corvette stingray

    Here's my revell '69 stingray corvette with a 427 size engine. This is an older build of mine so it is not near the quality I would like, but I still take great pride in this as a part of me is invested. If anyone sees anything I could improve upon or do better please say something. I want to get better
  4. '69 Chevy nova SS

    Here's my revell '69 nova SS with a 350 size engine. This was a huge milestone in my building as this was my first paint job to turn out flawlessly. I absolutely loved this build and I put as many drag racing options as I could into it, while still keeping it a street car. If anyone sees anything I could improve upon or do better please say something. I want to get better
  5. Know about the whole Photobucket thing and I never liked that service much anyway, so now I can post directly on the forum Anyway, here's 1/2 RX7s i'm working on on top of everything else on my plate. One is mostly the Cafe Racer with a big a$$ turbo and some other upgrades, and its already painted Tamiya Deep Blue Peril (will post that one later). This one is getting further body adjustments (opened up the headlight to put in some clear ones with sliver backing), suspension upgrades, and a 2005 GTO LS1 with a supercharger from the spares box. Note this may not be to everyone's taste, and this isn't some 100% perfect show stopping contest build, but a fun build. Color is undecided for this one, so stay tuned!
  6. 1966 Chevy El Camino

    I saw this kit on sale at my local drug store. Right away I knew what I was going to do before I even made it to the check out. The body is painted with Testors star spangled blue and the interior is a simple white. The kit is pretty much stock except lowered the suspension a bit, but once I got done you can not tell much. Took the car out for a drive on the road and apparently enjoyed the 396 too much and was caught. Thanks for looking.
  7. Revell's brand new Scooby Doo Mystery Machine. Goes together better than any other US brand snap kit I've ever assembled, really nice for the kiddos to get into kits and for us cartoon fans to enjoy a great kit too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2tFjmN9wMg Sorry, direct URL linking is not working on the forums today or I'd embed the video as usual. I'll come back tomorrow and see if it's working yet.
  8. Revell '66 Surburban shown at NNL-East!

    Open box of the brand spanking new 66 Suburban by Revell. This looks like a great new kit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaJdS3lQrIM
  9. Revell '60s Bronco stock steel wheels

    Is anyone building the new Revell '60s Bronco kit and not using the undersized kit wheels? I could use a set for one of my compact car projects since they scale out to 13". Trade or ? Thanks!
  10. Porsche 911 Outlaw 8 hour build

    I was bored yesterday and decided to challenge myself by building a car in less than a day. My kit of choice was Revell's re-release of the Porsche 911 carrera 3.0 which I've built as an Outlaw. I already knew tires were completely wrong so I'd already dug out another set, but I also had to find another set of wheels because the originals were simply too badly molded... I also need to find another set of door handles due to the same reason but so far no good. Other than wheels and tires it's got a bit of lowering done to it, otherwise it's box stock. The body is painted with a light dusting of Tamiya solid black, and misc. details are painted using Humbrol paints and sharpies. I'm pretty satisfied with the result considering it only took eight hours from start to finish. Here are a few pics of the car together with my first Outlaw 911, enjoy!
  11. Hello, This is my latest build. Kit from Revell, Corvette Stingray 2014. It 's still in progress so far most of the cabin has done. It is waiting to satin varnish.
  12. 1991 was the last model year that the United States Border Patrol painted their vehicles white over light green (I don't know the exact paint code). Since the BP bought Caprices as their basic patrol sedan that year, they were the last sedans to utilize this paint scheme before the agency switched to all-white cars with a green stripe the following year. The kit is from Revell, Jetsonic light bar is from the AMT Ford Taurus police car kit, and decals are from Billbozo. Paint is Tamiya Pure White over Tamiya Pearl Green and the side molding was made from Evergreen stock. In retrospect, I should have added a cage for prisoner transport but we will just say this is a supervisor's car. This is my second complete kit and again, I learned a lot from it. I mostly got to work on my BMF techniques. The only real mess up I had was that I accidentally spilled glue on the front windshield, something I was not able to fix. The real deal (courtesy of copcar.com):
  13. C5 Z06 Vette Wheels/Tires

    Looking for the wheels and tires from a Revell 1/25 scale Z06 Corvette. As shown below. Will trade if I have something you need. Thank You!
  14. A newer release from Revell, similar to the Vette racecar I reviewed. Low parts count and prepainted glass should make for a nice weekender build. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpfWDc82oxI
  15. SSP Reissue. Build as drag coupe only, includes box art replication decals and Pirelli branded front tires, smooth no-name rear slicks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXgV48W6GUs
  16. Nice reissue. Lots of parts, can be built stock height if you wish, will require parts box wheels and tires for stock look.
  17. 1940 Ford Standard

    The latest off my bench. Revell kit went together very easily. I'm a sucker for base model cars so that's how I did this one, blackwalls, one taillight, etc. Harry would probably give me grief for no rearview mirror, but if I'm not mistaken those weren't standard equipment until much later so I left it off. Comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  18. Revell Ferrari California

    The Revell Ferrari California. Paint is Tamiya. Click HERE for a look at the build process... (2012)
  19. Revell 2015 Mustang GT

    Hey everyone! I decided to pick up one of the Revell 2015 Mustang GT kits from the build and play series. I got tired of waiting to see if there would be a full detail kit coming soon. Are you listening, Revell? People will buy this kit! Anyway, I decided to detail the interior and what little that I could on this kit, for as simply detailed it is as it stand. I just wanted a quick and satisfying build. The body was painted in Duplicolor's Storm Gray over Duplicolor gray primer. The color is close to Ford's Guardsman Gray Metallic. I'll hopefully be able to get the clear coat sprayed tomorrow and I'll try and get the interior pictures up tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for looking!
  20. Finished up the Revell Starsky and Hutch Gran Torino last week. On this build, I tried to add depth to the panel lines and I went a bit over board. This is a real nice kit and a lot of fun to build. I've got an idea for a modern take on the old striped tomato. Enjoy! Feel free to leave some constructive feedback!
  21. 1958 Ranchero

    I used an annual 1958 Sunliner and the original Ranchero kit
  22. Probably my most ambitious bodywork project, to date. a tribute to the 1:1 I saw at a show Revell kit, with parts box engine, Pegasus wheels. Flocked, wired & foiled. Thanks for looking
  23. Hey everyone, Here is the build up I just completed of the Revell Bob Glidden Thunderbird Pro Stock. I decided to build this as am Outlaw drag car. I gave it an military/Air Force theme. I cut open the trunk and modified the role cage to bring it up to date a little. I used Pro Tech detail parts and scratch built parts to detail the engine/chassis/interior.
  24. Nova SS Street Machine

    Got this finished up the other day. Loved building it. And, it was my first time actually spraying the rally stripes. I have tried decals in the past with major failures. I used Dupli-Color for the first primer coat to see and body work that was needed. after wet sanding and drying I shot it with Tamiya primer followed with Tamiya's Bright White. After sitting for a few days I masked off and shot the Tamiya Bright Orange color coat followed by Testors Wet Look Clear. I built it pretty much out of the box with the exception of the wheels. I wanted to go with a more period look. Anyway, enough babbling...
  25. Hi all,,what once started out as a busted up glue blob in a ziplock bag from the NNL Detroit recently{total of 10$} was an original issue 1964 revell triumph drag bike. I liked the original Triumph kit,,and havent seen one out there in a while, But,,,I wanted to do a "low tech,garage built by regular joe" type style Harley drag bike. Not a modern high end nitro harley drag bike One that some guy in his garage may have built by himself back in the day. . So some sections of this are from the Revell 1/8th Triumph Drag bike,,some sections are from the revell police bike kit{main frame} and front end is from the "softail" harley Revell snap kit from the 90's or early 2000's. The tanks are from the early Revell "triumphant trike" 1/8th kit. Rear frame section is triumphant trike frame trimmed to fit + added to police bike frame,. Motor is from the revell police bike kit also. Seat is the tamiya yamaha virago seat+ hand grips+levers are from the tamiya Ducati desmosedici bike. Special thanks to Mike @ Mikes decals for the nice size + fit harley decals that arrived in perfect condition in a timely manner. I called it the "DRAG-O-MATIC" as kindof a tribute to how cars + bikes back in the day always seemed to have a interesting name of some type. There may be other drag vehicles w/the same name Im not sure,,I did see a mention of a type of transmission direct drive type thing from the 50's w/the same name on the web,,but not much else. At any rate,,its a decent 10$ addition to the shelf. Best regards,,S