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Found 61 results

  1. D-100 Reissued -- C-10 Next ?

    With the overwhelming excitement surrounding the restored / retooled 1978 D-100 Sweptside -- in 2WD livery ! --which is ostensibly a runaway success , I started thinking "How about the 'Roundbody' C/K series Chevy Pickup ? Would Round2 find it in their hearts and resources to restore the Fall Guy , et al. , to its former glory as a 2WD of 1978 vintage ? " Much like the coveted D100 Sweptside , the C.10 could , in theory , be a 'modified reissue' : 1978 front clip with the Fleetside bed of the Fall Guy , et al. , pickup ---- or , even better , a longbed Fleetside ! Toss-in a new set of plain steelies / hubcaps , and eventually offer a K.10 or K.20 version . Not that I've got a "problem" with the Stepside ; I just know that the Fleetside would be a better seller . Am I off-base here ? Opinions and suggestions , please
  2. MPC Vending machine

    First build of '19 is complete! This was a fun build, it's for my dad who loves to drink Coke!! I chose to hold the roof on with a piece of tape until I decide how I'm going to glue it down permanently. It gives you a good view of the interior. I also regret using the exhaust support. It's not on the real life hot rod. I guess it's there to hold up the headers for kids who would build this model in the 70s. I didn't know and glued it in place before I realized. What do you think of my first build of 2019?
  3. Wanted: MPC '70 Pontiac GTO kit

    Hi folks, I am looking for this MPC kit: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/mpc-ertl-6281-70-pontiac-gto--539746 If anyone of you has one to sell or trade or knows a shop which carries it, please let me know and we could work something out. Keep in mind I live in Germany so things might not be that easy (or cheap) shipping-wise, but I guess where there's a will there's a way... Feedbacks will be appreciated!
  4. 1974 MPC Road Runner Completed

    Finished this one yesterday! Thanks for looking, comments welcomed.
  5. These are the wheels I've picked for it, snazzy huh? 'll adjust the ride height in front for a more stock look. Thanks for looking!
  6. MPC 74 Road Runner

    This is one that I originally built way back in 82 or 83 and sat on my shelf for a long time. Then I decided I wanted to repaint it so into a bath it went. This had to have been around 2000 or so. Yesterday I was looking for something in my storage when I ran across this and decided to get it back together. This will be just a straight rebuild of the original MPC kit with new paint and aftermarket decals only. Nothing fancy like swapping out the frame for the 71 Charger frame or anything like that. Originally painted some weird green I reshot it with Testors' lacquer go mango. I had just put the aftermarket decals on and I honestly do not remember where I got them from. They are the multi layer (each color is a separate decal) type that was available from someone back in the early 2000s but I don't think he does them anymore. The decals were very delicate so I have put on some setting solution and once I get the road runner decal put on I'll clear coat the body to protect them. I discovered Keith Marks makes decals for this and I almost thought of ordering a set of those but I did have these already so.... The totally incorrect 440 six pack engine! I will need to find some stock exhaust manifolds for this because the original build had Jo-han Hemi headers on it. Thanks for looking!
  7. Update on this project, I have the suspensions installed on the frame and the interior bucket sanded down to fit the AMT 67 floorboards. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  8. MPC Vending Machine.

    My build of a kit I saw at Hobby lobby. Not going for perfection, built for fun. Painting outside in January effects the paint chemicals, I ended up with a drip(Testors gloss white). I hope it dries and I can rub it down with compound once its gassed off. The other drip gets covered by the door. Then I have to put on the decals and shoot clear coat. What do you think of my first build of 2019?
  9. Just some pics from an ebay listing, but it's a bit of a shame this kit is the end of the line for the 1/25 MPC Pontiac Grand Prix tooling. Not sure if this could ever be backdated to the last stock type issue or not, but I doubt it. Looking back at MPC's 1970 Grand Prix, the faux front fender exiting exhaust was already present, as an optional feature: The Grand Superfly's successor, the Sweat Hogs 'Dream Machine' modified reissue from 1976:
  10. Treated myself to a new kit yesterday as a re-entry into modeling. I was very active for many years, but my eyesight was deteriorating and it made modeling difficult. This summer I had surgery to correct my "young-person's cataracts" and viola! I can see again. Dick Mann was quite a character and I got to meet him a few times as he was friends with my parents. He ran this bike as a privateer without much factory support. This kit is a bit odd as it is in 1:8 scale which I never worked with before. I am building it box stock, although I will be painting parts different colors than directed because they were not correct. Here is the kit, it is a reissue of a classic MPC kit. The color as shown is wrong, the bike was a sort of orange/brown color, not red. I might have a difficult time getting a color I am happy with. Wheels and tires done. I was thinking of adding valve stems, but nope, this is a box stock build! This bugs me a lot. Race engines are not chromed, and I know for a fact it wasn't on this bike. What to do? I think I will build it, try to make it better with some washes. If I am still not happy I will strip the chrome off and paint it the proper aluminum color. Let me know what you think.
  11. Here are a few newly announced 2019 kits from AMT and MPC: AMT 1139 -- 1/25 Ford C-600 Hostess Delivery Truck AMT 1140 -- 1/25 GMC Astro Semi Tractor Cab (fingers crossed the turbine engine insert has been found) MPC 882 -- Godzilla Army Jeep MPC 901 -- 1978 Dodge D-100 Custom Pickup Truck
  12. Here are a few car kits announced for a 2019 release: AMT 1138 -- 1/25 1969 Chevy Chevelle Hardtop AMT PP21 -- 1/25 Custom Caps & Wheels Parts Pack (4 each) MPC 906 -- 1/25 Ridge Runner (Pinto) Modified Race Car MPC 911 -- 1/25 1969 Pontiac Firebird Convertible Polar Lights 960 -- 1/24 Coca-Cola VW Beetle (Snap) Polar Lights 965 -- 1/25 Classic 1966 Batmobile (Snap) AMT 1151 -- 1/25 Dyno Don Nicholson's Mercury Cyclone Eliminator II Funny Car
  13. Which 1/24-1/25 scale kit(s) would be the better choice for a project? My goal is to replicate a GT model Mustang with today's wheels/tires/drivetrain via bashing/aftermarket.
  14. Looks like the minibike from the MPC '77 Dodge (Monaco), no?:
  15. '32 Ford Sedan Delivery

    I've been hunting for one of these for a long time. I finally found and purchased one on eBay tonight. The sellers claim and photos indicate the kit is in good shape and complete. And the price was right. I'm looking forward to getting this one.
  16. HI! This model started as a 1/25 snap rescue kit from MPC. Now it´s a model of a Search And Rescue vehicle with some extra detailing, scratchbuilt roofrack and so on.. Comments and questions are welcomed of course. Pics:
  17. Why are the prices so ridiculous for the newer-issues ( Racing Champions , Round2 ) of the ancient MPC (et al.) 1973-1974 Road Runner / GTX ???? Even the half-arsed RC-era version --- complete with its 1975-1978 chassis and dashboard --- is fetching some stupid money ! Never mind that the Duke of Prunes 'Daisy Prunes' reissue is going for stellar prices ; it's that tin-packaged-with-some-character release that may as well be auctioned at Sotheby's New York Gallery ! What the deuce ? I hope that Round2 will release this kit again , this time sans and endorsements / embellishments ; just a nice , non-Prunes , non-tin-boxed version ...
  18. I was going thru some old kits & noticed the wheels were missing from my old MPC Dodge Warlock pickup kit. They are an 8-spoke in design. Anyone have a picture of the wheels? Thanks,Brad
  19. Only Pics of One of My Early Models

    These are the only two photos I have of one of my early efforts. I built this in about 1975, I think, from the kit pictured. I recall having to remove the rear suspension from the kit chassis and replace it with leaf springs and scratch built shackles. Like my Chevelle, I built it per NHRA's 1975 rules for Modified Production--from the same rule book I'm currently using! Anyway, the photos are barely worth sharing (the model probably wasn't that great, either!), but, I was proud of it, even so!
  20. ......Just thought I'd pass on some info I just received today regarding some Round2 releases.....the MPC 1975 DATSUN PICKUP is apparently out right now, yet I see none for sale on Ebay currently,,,the AMT 57 CHEVY PEPPER SHAKER and COBRA-TRUCK- TRAILER RACE TEAM set are due out in December to give us a nice Christmas rush, and the 1974 GREMLIN X is hitting the shelves in around 3 weeks. Now, the not so good news concerns the long awaited USA 1 VEGA PRO STOCK......according to the detailed email I got from Doug at Round2 it says that it has been pulled off lists and will be reassigned a new item number once the project gets some wings. Time, developing expenses, and other factors have pushed this project back to an undetermined status for possible release. However, Doug says it is going to fly at some point in the future, and by the sounds of it back tracking out of the MON-ZEGA mess as the Twister Vega was, could mean its well worth the wait if the car gets some corrections and improvements ......lets face it, once released at any point, this car could be built and decaled into more different pro Vegas than can be imagined, ROUND2 themselves could easily release it as a Grumpy Jenkins car, and even their old AMERICAN SPIRIT VEGA to mention a few.....the decal designers could have a field day....that's it, and all the news fit to print...lol............the Ace...
  21. Maybe this is old news, but it appears Round2 has added a specific page containing downloadable versions of their model kit instruction sheets: http://round2corp.com/model-kit-instructions/ Looks to be every(?) kit (350) they've released since 2006 or so.
  22. The LIL-Hustler is back! Sweet repop. 8, yup, 8 new tires including gorgeous GT Radials. Parts looks clean and straight, detail is sharp. Decals are redone and very clean, multiple options for Datsun, even as just letters. Poseable steering too. 3n1 kit, good amount of left over parts for the box. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pN38f7eTgb4
  23. This is MPC's release of the 'Country' Charger in 1:25th scale. It's basically a direct re-pop of the long running General Lee kit, all the General Lee parts are included and you'll get an optional set of Torq-Thrust wheels and new flag decals with various names and numbers in the same font as the General Lee car. This is molded in all black. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVSucSDHmbA
  24. '60 Corvette

    I wanted to build an old vette with dual headlights and this reissue looked like the winner. It was NOT. This MPC re-issue was garbage to build. Fit issues, over-pouring of the sprue so that the part numbers were not legible as well as excessive trimming of sprue needed. This kit is a 6 in 1, which means there are so many ways to build it that is did get confusing for the simple mind. I would not recommend this particular version at all, unless of course you need to brush up on your cursing skills! The end result was just ok. I went with a Tamiya Candy Lime since I have no green cars! Did the inlets gloss white and added extra BMF on the tail fins. The engine is the kit one which is a 283 with a blower. Nice fit for this although the headers were a complete joke. Of course I added bigger Mickey Thompson Sportsman meats to it which were a tight fit without cutting any wells out. I did trim the outside wells at the bottom just a tad. Thanx for looking!
  25. MPC Mustang FC 72 (HOTROD MAGAZINE) this was my 1st detailed build & contest entree. I installed every aftermarket plumbing, Aluminum Billet pulleys, A/N color coded fittings, Wrinkle Wall Slicks, even added the Chrome Valve Stems on it...for a EXTREMELY SIMPLE "BOX STOCK" build that would only take most beginners a few days to complete, took me about 350+ hours...(and I still wished I had 25-30 more to do everything that was in my head.. I had nothing but FUN all the way through.....