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  1. Were these six the extent of the 1/25 MPC Super Stocker series of kits? 1) 1-2750 GTO Super Stocker (soon to be reissued): 2) 1-2751 Camaro Super Stocker: 3) 1-2752 Chevelle Super Stocker: 4) 1-2753 Mustang Super Stocker: 5) 1-2754 Monte Carlo Super Stock (reissued multiple times over the last decade plus): 6) 1-2755 Barracuda Super Stock: I recall someone here mentioning the Camaro body from the MPC annual kit was used for the Super Stocker-- does that follow for the others, too? Here are the first(?) four shown in the 1974 MPC catalog, which was the original year of release?:
  2. I built this one back in 1977, when I was 16 years old. I painted it a couple more times over the ensuing years, then got tired of how it looked, and stripped it down to bare plastic (which of course ruined the filler) in 1989. After that, it sat in pieces, as you see it here, but scattered to the wind, until just this year, when I sorted through all my parts, and got all of the original pieces I could find back in one place... The wheel flares and front spoiler were made from the plastic flats they divided record albums with at the stores... That green piece is a leftover bit from a '69 Cougar that was painted with the same can of paint... Originally painted Cal Custom Metalflake Green, I recoated it a few years later with Testors Candy Transparent Green, which made it a good deal darker. I ran the stock hood, but in 1989 I decided to do this 'update' using the scoop from the 69 Chevelle kit. That was also when I reshaped the door windows, painted it red, and then, unhappy with the faint panel lines, stripped the body in 409. That rear spoiler is the front spoiler from the Revell "Jungle Jim" Vega funny car. Got a little rambunctious with the sanding there, didn't I? Sorry, louvers! Considering that it went through the stripper, that automotive spot putty has held up pretty well. (except for this flare...) Here's the motor and the rolling stock (minus the back halves of the tires (had yet to dig these up, still.) Not shown are the side pipes, which I ended up painting black. They'll be replaced with chrome ones. Keep in mind that was 16 year old me that put those plug wires on... The header flanges will hide the ends. I think the wheels were cribbed from the "Iron Horse" Mustang kit, but the Countdown Series 66 Mustang had 'em too. Anybody got 4 good ones like these? A little drilling, filing, and pinning got her back up on 4 wheels, with engine in place. Dig those old school sewing thread plug wires.... Here she is mocked up... First time on all four wheels in 23 years. And after searching diligently, I've found me some Plastikote Metal Flake Green in an old school can! Just like I painted it with back in 1977.... What do you think? Worth saving? You can see more photos of the rebuild process here...http://public.fotki....vette/?show=all
  3. Here’s my build of the MPC ‘86 El Camino. It’s a box stock build of the recent release with the mini trail bike. Despite being the reason I sought this particular kit, I ended up not building the mini bike because it’s fitment was terrible and I got frustrated with it. I might try it again later but into the parts box it went. The actual car itself builds up decently well for the age of the tooling, and the decals settled down very nicely. I painted the interior Krylon Pimento and the exterior Tamiya XF-56 Metallic Gray with three coats of Pledge floor gloss (one coat under the decals, two over). I gave the bed cover a wash of Tamiya black panel line accent to give it some dimension. The red-orange interior definitely isn’t a factory color but it really sets off the red-orange decal stripe so I’m pleased with the look!
  4. Hello everyone Not sure where to post this; I want to pitch a concept to Round2; not sure how to go about setting things into motion. Basically, what if MPC's 80s kits just kept on going? Cool names (Dirt Devil, Sod Buster, Evil Spirit, Class Act, Night Moves, etc.), with awesome stylized logos, wicked colours, eye-searing box art, and insane decals. I want to call it the "Forever 80s" collection, and reissue some of MPC's (and possibly AMT's) best-loved kits, with new names, new logos, new box art, new colour schemes, and new decals, as though they came from that same era. It would be a sensational hit, and we could probably get it going right here on the forum. Thoughts? Kindest regards, Stef
  5. Here’s my ‘79 Pinto Cruising Wagon! I added a custom panoramic moon roof, smoothed out the window filler panels as best as I could, and I swiped the surf board and surf decals from Revell’s ‘32 Ford “Rat Rod” kit. Otherwise it’s box stock. It’s painted Tamiya TS-30 Silver Leaf outside, Krylon “Pimento” inside. This kit was definitely a challenge but overall it goes together pretty well!
  6. First time sharing/ posting here. a quick build, this kit is pretty basic. Not alot of detail but I understand its very old tooling. Fit on some parts is very average, had to put in a bit of work to get the grill to fit properly. I've chosen the optional modified parts, supercharger and wide rear wheels. I've also substantially lowered it and will be looking to do a custom flat firewall/ inner fenders etc with plasticard which will be interesting as I've never used it before. I guess if it all turns ugly I'll leave the motor out and glue the stock hood shut. Painted in tamiya arcrylics, X7 and will do a few clear coats to suit.
  7. Got this one finished. An enjoyable simple build. Kit was alot better than I thought it would be. WIP thread is here My usual Tamiya TS-14 black, this time I did polish with Tamiya coarse, fine, finish compounds. And waxed with Meguiars NXT Tech wax 2.0 Interior TS-49 bright red over coated with Alclad Klear Kote flat ALC 314. Pegasus Chrome DZ's wheels, scratch built air tank and solenoids, 3D printed compressors and Lead City plaque.
  8. My ole mate Ray got this kit for me back when he was building, unfortunately he gave the hobby away couple years back. So I figured it was long over due to build it and remember the times we shared on forums building model cars. I remember when he shared a pic of the box art. I just laughed, got to love those 80's kits. Supercharged engine got me interested For it's age and from that era, seems like not too bad of kit, bit simple but the detail is there with the few parts there are. Overview of all the kit parts Parts i'l use for the build. As much as I like the supercharged engine, not sure about that. But I am kinda thinking of transplanting a big block from the AMT 69 Chevelle to fill out the engine compartment. Definitely going to use the 69 Chevelle seats and centre console. Have to use my favourite wheels of course. Applied a check of surfacer and done a wheel mock. Got it set up to where I think id like the ride height to be. So the fun begins.
  9. Yeah the a.d.d is a problem. Well im in the lowrider mood lately so im going about sussing some idea's out and possibly do some paint work while the summer weather lasts. Another kit I bought from ole mate Ray. A very lucky score as it was my holy grail kit. My liking for the 68 Impala came about from the movie The Principal. Then I became a fan of Lowriders. The kit is in the wrong box, no instructions and missing some parts. But that didnt matter. Over view of what parts came in the box. Set it up on the oob chassis. I really like the tail lights in the bumper of the 68's Also like the rear quarter and roof shape.
  10. Here are a few pics of my finished T/A. The WIP can be seen here: MPC 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am - WIP: Model Cars - Model Cars Magazine Forum In that thread I explain why I did what I did and how I got what I got...lol. Thanks for giving my less than stellar model a look!
  11. Just some pics from an ebay listing, but it's a bit of a shame this kit is the end of the line for the 1/25 MPC Pontiac Grand Prix tooling. Not sure if this could ever be backdated to the last stock type issue or not, but I doubt it. Looking back at MPC's 1970 Grand Prix, the faux front fender exiting exhaust was already present, as an optional feature: The Grand Superfly's successor, the Sweat Hogs 'Dream Machine' modified reissue from 1976:
  12. Here’s my first for 2021, a ‘79 Mustang Turbo Hatch. It’s from MPC’s first issue of the Fox Body, the Mustang Turbo Cobra kit. It took several attempts to score this kit from eBay... and I spent way too much for it ? but I am ecstatic to have an early Fox Body in my collection! The fit and detail on this kit is really nice, with only some minor trimming to get the body to mate the chassis properly. Unfortunately, the original Cobra decals were in poor condition so I just built it as the regular Turbo trim. It’s painted Tamiya X-7 red with XF-55 deck tan for the interior, and two coats of Future on the body. I’m very pleased with this one, hopefully I did this rare kit some justice!
  13. Here are my two builds from the beginning and end of the long running third generation Mustang Fox Body. MPC’s 1979 Mustang Turbo Hatchback and Monogram’s 1992 Mustang GT Convertible. Enjoy!
  14. I thought I would share the WIP on a '79 T/A that I recently built. I am posting this WIP to help out anyone who is thinking of building this kit. Maybe it will help someone. This is the MPC kit that was popped in 2015. I really fell in love with the box art. Yup, I'm a sucker for box art, always have been and probably always will be...?. I have been around plenty long enough to know that what is on the box doesn't always match what is in the box...lol. This kit was a bit of a pig. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Let's take a look. What I started with. The ubiquitous spoon test. In the end, I got carried away and put too many coats on the body and it was a little darker than I wanted. A picture of the beautiful decals. They really are nice! It goes downhill from here...lol. Here is how the bumpers and spoiler are attached to the sprue. Why?!?! Here is an example of what you will find in the kit. At least this is what I had in mine. I started work on the body. I attached the front and rear bumpers. They did not fit. Not. At. All. I compromise a little on the fit and still had to add shims to fill in the massive gaps. Pictures are from both sides of the rear end.
  15. Since i'm still having problems with my 69'Camaro I started a new build,i'm hoping have this kit and the Camaro done for a modelshow in Burnaby in 3 weeks.Saw I pic on Instagram and fell in love with the color instantly.Going with a white vinyl roof,undecided about the interior color,already have the keith Marks decals.
  16. Here is my ‘82 custom Dodge Van! It’s the re-released “Bad Company” kit from MPC, with my own mix on the decals. The black flaming horse decals came from the MPC Pinto Pony Express re-issue, and the sunset flaming horse came from the recent release AMT ‘66 Mustang coupe kit. I thought the wizard decals in the kit looked goofy so I swapped in those horse flame decals. I think they look like they belong together! I painted the body in Tamiya X-12 Gold Leaf, and the interior in XF-7 flat red, with Future on the seats, dash and walls. This was my first time using Future floor polish and I am definitely a convert! The body paint really pops with three thin coats of future. FYI, it’s now called “Pledge Revive It Floor Gloss Original” - it took me a while to find the current name and I had to order it from Amazon. The interior is mostly box stock, but I added a simple mini fridge and 32” flat screen tv that I modeled up in CAD and had my brother 3D print for me. The TV wall mount is just a cut piece of scrap sprue. Overall this kit went together pretty well, but it took some finessing to get the interior tub and chassis to seat properly in the body. The large glass roof panel is definitely supposed to be glued in from the inside, but it then won’t fit with the cab partition panel in place. I left it removable and just set it in from the outside. I wanted to use the chrome side exit exhaust pipes, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to actually attach them to the body or frame without doing custom fab. I didn’t realize this until final assembly so I won’t bother adding an exhaust. This kit’s eye candy is up top anyway, no one is ever going to look underneath! I probably should have left the engine out too since you can’t really see it. This is definitely the wildest looking kit I’ve ever done, and I had a blast doing it. I grew up well after the custom van scene died out, but it definitely needs to make a comeback!
  17. I started this as a slump-buster and it took me 5 months to complete. I thought I would have more time on the bench with the pandemic raging to be on the bench but the opposite has evolved. This is the kit that includes a custom bike and trailer which I posted previously. I glued the hood shut since the kit's engine is pretty rudimentary and didn't spend a lot of time detailing. I owned a '71 MC and have built a replica, and I have the '76 Snap Kit to build the series. Comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  18. Just finished up this MPC ‘75 Datsun truck! Built from the recently reissued Lil’ Hustler kit. Airbrushed in Tamiya XF-17 Sea Blue for the exterior, XF-55 Deck Tan for the interior. Box stock except for the sport door mirror from the AMT ‘66 Mustang. This kit went together pretty well overall with plenty of detail, but there was a fair amount of flash on most of the parts. Also, my chrome tree was warped so I couldn’t use many of the custom parts (not that I wanted to). Overall I’m happy with the results and I love the color combo!
  19. I was browsing Round2's website and stumbled across this http://round2models.com/models/mpc/dodge-dart. I'm pretty excited about it, maybe they will reissue more 70's cars since there doing this one and the Pacer X (I also I'm really excited about this one).
  20. Here's a page from the 1970 Dodge Scat Pack salesman catalogue which mentions the MPC promotional models : https://www.hamtramck-historical.com/dealerships/_DealershipLetters-06d.shtml?load_img=27
  21. Finished this one last night. Fought me tooth and nail but I think I came out the winner. This is the gangbusters kit but I didn't use the bullet riddled windows or hide guns under the seat . I'm saving that stuff for future diorama use. Comments welcome, thanks for looking!
  22. My latest completion. The MPC kit is remarkably good for its age but these cars are pretty spindly. I had issues with the rumble seat so I glued it shut, the hood in particular is supposed to fold like a real one but is very fragile in practice. It shares the running gear with the 1928 Touring. Comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  23. Here are a few car kits announced for a 2019 release: AMT 1138 -- 1/25 1969 Chevy Chevelle Hardtop AMT PP21 -- 1/25 Custom Caps & Wheels Parts Pack (4 each) MPC 906 -- 1/25 Ridge Runner (Pinto) Modified Race Car MPC 911 -- 1/25 1969 Pontiac Firebird Convertible Polar Lights 960 -- 1/24 Coca-Cola VW Beetle (Snap) Polar Lights 965 -- 1/25 Classic 1966 Batmobile (Snap) AMT 1151 -- 1/25 Dyno Don Nicholson's Mercury Cyclone Eliminator II Funny Car
  24. Still have to add license plates and some decals, but I got this thing more or less finished tonight. As I stated in the workbench posts, I built this kit as kind of a tribute to a model my dad built when I was a young kid. It is the first model I remember, so I think it's what started me in the hobby. This is the 1987 reissue of the MPC '71 Roadrunner, molded in the terrible yellow plastic. It's not exactly like the kit Dad built but it reminds me of it, and that's what I wanted for the shelf. I didn't do any extra detailing, other than foiling the front and rear window trim, and trying out the molotow pen for the rest of the chrome. I'll take more pics later - my camera battery was dying so these two were all I could get.
  25. Here are a few newly announced 2019 kits from AMT and MPC: AMT 1139 -- 1/25 Ford C-600 Hostess Delivery Truck AMT 1140 -- 1/25 GMC Astro Semi Tractor Cab (fingers crossed the turbine engine insert has been found) MPC 882 -- Godzilla Army Jeep MPC 901 -- 1978 Dodge D-100 Custom Pickup Truck
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