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Ghostbusters Pre-Ectomobile


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Based on the AMT Ecto-1A kit, converted to its first appearance in the '84 movie. It has a  Monogram grille/bumper, Modelhaus rear bumper, parts box wheels/tires and mirrors, stripped interior, and custom glass. Decals & license plates were drawn up in Illustrator. Since cars like this are often used as dumps by their owners, I loaded the back with miscellaneous debris (including a few Easter eggs from then-current movies). As always, any comments/questions/criticisms are welcome.








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Thanks, guys!

If you blinked twice, you would have missed the scenes showing it like that!

True, but it they included one of the funniest ("Needs some suspension work and shocks. Brakes, brake pads, lining, steering box, transmission, rear end...")

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Awesome build!  I wore out our VHS copy of Ghostbusters back in the '80s from watching it constantly.  I always thought this original version of Ecto 1 looked cool when it first appears in the movie.  From everything I remember, you nailed it, down to that one green light on the roof!

Think I might pop that DVD in tonight for a little nostalgia!

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