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'75 Dodge Tradesman Custom Van

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Thanks for doing this one. I have always liked the round front Dodge Vans, but until today, I have not had a kit of one since the early '70's when I built a window van kit. I scored both a cargo van and a window van at our clubs NNL.

Great score Ron!   Good to see you too!

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Well, this one sort of took an interesting turn. My buddy had the paintwork 90% completed and just about ready for clear when something went wrong and he decided to strip it down and start over. Meanwhile, my son's high school football team had an exceptional year and they went to the state championships. And although they lost, it was still a very big moment for my son. Now, I from the beginning, told my buddy to paint this thing however he wanted. I wanted to give him the artistic freedom to lay down whatever he felt like doing. However, I did not see this coming. Unbeknownst to me, he followed along with my son's football season via my Facebook page and randomly one day sent me a message that the van body was about done and he asked if I wanted to see it. I was blown away with what I saw! He painted the van as a tribute for my son and his amazing year of football!

So now what was going to be a model for MY shelf, is now going to be a sentimental gift for my son to put on HIS shelf. 

Anyways, I'll show you a couple of the in-progress photos I requested from my friend and then I'll post up pictures tonight of the cleared body that I just received yesterday.





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