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Mack Cruiseliner

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This one is meant to be around an 80 model Cruiseliner. It is "mostly" box stock. Headlight buckets were modified to represent a later version than the kit. It was converted from dual stack to a single. The front bumper is an old R Model bumper from the parts box. The grill is from KJ at Double Take (Very nice by the way). Cab fans are from Double Take as well. Intake pipe ram is from Jamie at Moluminum. The deck plate is from him as well. The wheels are old Clint Freeman wheels. The drive tires are solid hard resin, but I do not know who made them. When it was all done I was actually fairly pleased with how it turned out.

25429379557_8a9ec60dd5_k.jpgIMG_7541 by Brian Smith, on Flickr

40255569342_044f112d9a_k.jpgIMG_7542 by Brian Smith, on Flickr

39403913845_1d7707d746_k.jpgIMG_E7523 by Brian Smith, on Flickr

26428952118_c16d16a7f8_k.jpgIMG_E7525 by Brian Smith, on Flickr

39403921385_7a34facdd9_k.jpgIMG_E7534 by Brian Smith, on Flickr

38491928920_1b9b87da0a_k.jpgIMG_E7576 by Brian Smith, on Flickr



38491274150_58ed19f4f9_k.jpgIMG_7530 by Brian Smith, on Flickr

39589000934_b1223e4813_k.jpgIMG_7536 by Brian Smith, on Flickr

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Great work once again Brian ! ...the frame is loaded with some really good looking plumbing details and the weathering you applied  tops it off beautifully ..... looks like it's now overdue for the next full service at the Ryder shop !

The first ( top ) picture by the way,  gave me the impression that I was looking at a still picture from a movie , ( something like IMCDB )...." comming straight at ya "

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