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Jeep Rubicon 10th AV

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My skills ran out and so did I my cares with this one at the end,  the suspension is very finicky and over complicated, the springs are very tough and a few pushes down and you will probably break things, I broke some of the parts trying to get them to snap into place, the rear shocks are real pain in the butt, its best to glue everything and call it day.

The body is another pain,  the front of the sides had to be bent inwards because they were too straight , and I snap the left side in half, the windshield frame needs to sit farther back then the mounting points, its  struggle to get it back and I was able to get the left side back, the glued dried before I could the right side.  So, that made the hood mounting tabs not line up with the holes,  getting the grill into place was a real pain, OMG.  The fender flares if you will dont fit real on the front, and those are paint to get to sit into place.

This was way over complicated for now real reason, and my skills were not good enough for this one.
I am embarrassed to say I built this
Painted with Jeep Anvil


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12 hours ago, NOBLNG said:

Who makes this kit? I have been thinking of getting the Revell Wrangler Rubicon kit. Is this from the same moulding?

Meng makes this kit, this is their third 1/24 scale auto kit. No relation to the Revell kit, they are in fact different generations.

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I have a secret love affair with Jeeps, especially after renting them in Ouray, CO, and Moab, UT.  The aftermarket parts are a cornucopia for scratch-building, I would never finish one if I got it.

Looks great in the pictures!  And it's done, which is important.

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