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Revell '49 Merc Custom-Re-Build/Tweak


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I built this car about three years ago, although I am happy with how it turned out it is in dire need of some chassis goodies such as fuel and brake lines, and e brake cable. I think I will also put lake pipes on it. 

The body will remain as is and untouched.

I'd like to also add in some interior detailing, window cranks, dash bezels, etc,  a colour change to something richer/classier looking is needed, gone will be the in your face blue/orange. 

Another idea I have is to build a hood hinge configuration that will allow the hood to flip forward. With the current configuration the hood does not allow much light or viewing of the engine details. I will use one of my other 49 Merc kits as the mock up build mule to achieve the end result for this shell. 

I know this may sound ludacris and perhaps I should just build something  else but that paint took soooo long to do and it really is key to the look. 

The process has been started. 




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On 2018-09-28 at 7:50 PM, Belugawrx said:


Have at 'er bud, and  keep the pics coming !


Thanks Bruce.

On 2018-09-28 at 8:09 PM, cdgamble said:

Definitely keep the pics coming

Thanks for the interest. 

On 2018-09-28 at 9:10 PM, Straightliner59 said:

I can't understand why you'd want to change the paint scheme. Those lace panels are sweet!

Only the interior colour  is being changed. It will have lace panels.

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17 hours ago, Koellefornia Kid said:

Glad you´ll keep the exterior paint job! It´so unique!

Cheers, dude. 

11 hours ago, James2 said:

Lovely model Lloyd, here one I did several years ago. Here the link if you'd like to see the build, http://s176.photobucket.com/user/fredjames_2007/library/49 MERK?sort=2&page=1


Thanks for the compliment   and thanks for posting your link. Wow, what a ton of work getting that done, bravo.  You've given me some ideas. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Small update. 

I 'think', this configuration is going to work. 90 mins to bend up both hinge rods. I snapped the first attempt at making the second one, being these are mirror images of each other I got a bit anal with trying to match them. I am using spring steel rod that is .014" Dia, I went with this stuff as it is really 'stiff' when compared to wire. It will take more abuse and hold it's shape where wire could  eventually bend and become misshapen. 

The actual hinge protion of this configuration will be a floating setup at the 'hinge' or pivot end. The rods will be secured permanently to the hood. I had to cut the rad support to provide clearance for the rods. All in all it has been rather simple so far. 

The mocked up shell/chassis and hood seem to work pretty well. 

Thanks for checking out the progress.

As usual any comment are welcomed,  good or critical, I have big shoulders I can take it. 








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Hi guys, not much more of an update but progress none the less.

After some more fiddling around and trimming I have the proof of concept completed. The hood opens and closes without a hitch and sits flush when closed, as it should. Next will be transferring all this onto the actual model. This kit was nothing more then a test mule, and proof of concept. 

I think I will bend up another set of hing rods to use on the finished model, these have been tweaked so many times they are no so crisp anymore. The hing rods and anchors points can be for this kit to be used when ever I actually build this up. 

The last pic shows the anchor points, again, these will all be cleaned up on the finished shell. Both hing anchor points float, the anchors at the chassis end are a half moon rod configuration, allowing that end to pivot and move as need at the same time. The hood anchor point can float back and forth just enough so that when the hood is open the bottom swings out just enough to clear the grill. 

Thanks for looking in on the progress. 





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Looking good. 

What stops the hood when open? 

Mine rested on the grill. But my hinge was a lot simpler with pivots on both ends. I used brass rod also. 

Thanks for posting this, you have inspired me to fix mine. (Merc Rebuild)

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3 hours ago, Koellefornia Kid said:

Very nice work on the hinges!

Thanks man. 

41 minutes ago, James2 said:

Looking good. 

What stops the hood when open? 

Mine rested on the grill. But my hinge was a lot simpler with pivots on both ends. I used brass rod also. 

Thanks for posting this, you have inspired me to fix mine. (Merc Rebuild)

Thanks, and you are welcome. Glad I am a bit of an inspiration for someone. The rods rest against the shell. Look at the orange circled area. 

29 minutes ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

Nice scale engineering on those hinges. Doing swing-up-and-over is always a good trick.  :D

Thanks A-G, it was simply a need due to the limited opening of the stock hood. Even open all the way it left the engine bay in a dark shadow. 

I just hope I can transfer ALL this onto the built shell/hood/chassis with out any unrecoverable damage to it. :huh:



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Ok now that the hood hing upgrade is basically sorted. I want to move to redoing the interior colour. 

First thought is a tan/beige and redish brown theme. Something that will contrast the blue orange shell and still look classy. 

Any thoughts suggestions are appreciated. 

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23 hours ago, Codi said:

That is so slick.  Nicely done sir. 

Thank you. 

22 hours ago, 89AKurt said:

Seems like when I hinge anything, it takes a minimum of two tries to get it right.  Look forward to seeing the end result!


It actually  wasn't too bad to imagineer/engineer. 

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  • 2 weeks later...
On 2018-10-15 at 11:48 AM, gotnitro? said:

Awesome hinge work 


On 2018-10-15 at 12:09 PM, Ich_Will said:

Way cool. I wouldn't know where to begin on something like this. I always like watching people work their magic. 



On 2018-10-15 at 10:19 PM, Dann Tier said:

WOW!!….i'm lovin this!!!



Thanks guys for checking in. I do appreciate your interest and kind words, they help the progress. 


I have been messing around with this some more. I have started to scratch build some rear leaf springs. I am not sure if I will use them on this or not. It was more of a need then a want, I find building parts from scratch very relaxing. Relaxing is the hardest thing for me to do, especially when sitting at the bench. 

The wheels/tire's will be switched up. The original rear wheel/tire combo never actually fit properly. They were literally stuffed in place and held with sculpting expoy. The new wheels, being an open design and slightly narrower make it worth the effort and time to install brakes and rotors. The brake/rotors are from a 90's 1/20 F1 kit. The calipers have been narrowed and fitted for clearance. 

The kit rear axle has had spacers added for the rotors and a locating pins added. Again I may not use the new springs, they simply  may end up taking more effort then I want to put into this rebuild. The main spring and the frame pick up points and bolts still need building. 

The last picture is just a fitting/mock up for the wheels/tire's. 


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Cool wheels Lloyd, I much prefer these, you could almost lace paint them to match ?  Hinges are cool too !

As for the interior ??  How about a normal blue body colour and white two tone for the seats and door panels, blue carpet, but continue the lace pattern across the dash, then down across the centre console and again on the rear parcel shelf ?  So it mimics the outside design ?

 Just throwing ideas at ya !  Look forward to more on this ...


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