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Finished at last! (almost)

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Hi Jaroslav & Rick, thanks for the comments, its an Australian Atkinson, non like this one ever worked in Britain, more's the pity, the Atkinson plant in Australia was completely independent from the British Seddon Atkinson part of the company and were left to develop trucks to suite the Australian market and conditions, another marque long gone now unfortunately. But for modelling purposes what if ?????

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Thanks  everybody for the kind comments, OK I will leave it alone ( for now) anyway I am now working on the Marmon again after a long summer break, will post some pics soon, as the chassis is starting to come together now and hopefully I will get some primer on it before xmas, cheers all.

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Great work, Geoffrey!

Outstanding diorama!!! I wish I could do something like that for my photosessions! It just make old Atkinson alive!

I think your weathering just fine. May be bottom of te cab need some more.

I read your article in TMW. I liked it! You asked to advise you a tool to glue plastic (half round rod) to resin (cab window frame).

If you stll need ideas, I would advise you:

1. super glue - gel

2. 1 minute epoxy glue. As I work with resin cab now, I use it very often, though my epoxy is - 5 min.

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Hi folks, thanks again for kind comments, thanks for the idea's Sergey, I think I did use a combination of gel and liquid super glue for the windscreen surrounds in the end, still a pain though. I was going to have the same problem with the resin MARMON cab that I am working on at the moment, but after having had a good long look at the cab I have decided to bin it and follow in the footsteps of Hermann with is MARMON truck build and scratch build in plastic, so the windscreen surrounds should not be as big a problem this time round ( I know I am going to regret saying that, later) anyway thanks again, and by the way I have seen your models and work, so I think a diorama would be a piece of cake for you.  




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