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Autocar Dump Truck Isolation Build

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So, I guess I have too much time on my hands. I started this build on Friday and finished it today, 5 days later. I got this Autocar Dump for my birthday back in October and was not sure what to do with it as it really is an ugly truck. I just could not do this up as a clean show truck. So I decided to take advantage of the ugly and make it a dirty beat up used work truck. 

The story with this one is that the owner really likes this old truck as it is one tough old truck, so he keeps it going and even upgraded the engine recently to the Turbo Cummins. While the bed is really beat up, the cab is not to bad other than surface rust and dirt. He has been able to keep it DOT legal by replacing lights and things as they have gone over the years. So, it is a bit rough around the edges, but still makes him money. 

The bed was heated and dented out from all the rocks, then lined with Aluminum tape before paint. Then after paint it was sanded and scraped to show wear from the loads. The cab is painted in Rustoleum Forest Green over a base of Red Oxide primer. A little salt treatment, light sanding and some other weathering gives the cab that well used look. The steps on the bed are solder so they could be bent and not break. Custom intake and exhaust were made to mate with the turbo and the whole thing was weathered using various techniques. All finished with some "Selah Soil" to dirty it up. 











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I can't believe how unbelievably believable that truck is.  Your story on the build time would be more believable if you said 15 days though.

Still trying to determine if the setting is a diorama or not.  I'm pretty sure the truck is a model. I have a secret way to tell.

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Boy, you really nailed the look! What a fantastic looking build. 

If I may add one suggestion, a little dust on the windshield with some wiper streaks would totally sell this as a real truck.

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12 hours ago, steveracer said:

I am at a loss for words, that is a beautiful build and inspirational for details.

Can I steal some of your techniques?

Thank you, and feel free to use any ideas or techniques you want. I am also happy to share my limited skills and knowledge. 

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