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Ferrari Powered Corvair


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Yup, you read that topic right, I stuffed a mid engine Testarossa motor into a 69 Corvair. This was an AMT kit for the Corvair and a Monogram Testarossa for the engine/sub frame. While they are different scales, it actually turned out looking pretty good. 

There is a full build video on my YouTube channel. Check it out if you want to see how it was done. 

Thanks for looking. 









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14 hours ago, Spottedlaurel said:

Nice bit of lateral thinking! I like the subtle look outside, with no hint of what powers it.

Thanks. I like the idea of a sleeper, right down to the rims. Haha. I will admit, I did get inspiration from an online photoshop I saw. 

13 hours ago, stitchdup said:

Sweet, I bet that would be fun to take on the track

Well, it likely will be good in a straight line but not sure how good that corvair suspension is! ?

9 hours ago, Quiet Eric said:

That is neat!

Thank you! 

8 hours ago, PappyD340 said:

Very nice!


2 hours ago, slusher said:

Super nice!

Thank you!

1 hour ago, doorsovdoon said:

That's great, I love it. This one really would be unsafe at any speed! haha,


1 hour ago, Modlbldr said:

That has a great look to it. I would love to see pictures of the underside. Do you have a link to your YouTube channel?


Here is the video. I don't have any photos of the underside but you can clearly see it in the video and how it went together. Hope that helps. 

49 minutes ago, ewetwo said:

Very cool

Thank you. 

46 minutes ago, Dinky said:

That is the coolest Corvair ever

I would have to agree! ?

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