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A little fun with AMT's Ecto-1 kit!


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First time building a drag car. I had a Castrol Funny Car kit that I wasn't really feeling but the engine was perfect to spice this build up.

I'm just mocking it up and not sure how much of the engine to show through the hood. The more cool engine bits are seen the more I have to make the rest of the underhood look functional. I really like the big coils on the front of the engine but would it be weird to cut an odd shape hole to fit tight around just the engine that sits above the hood?




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That works nicely. It'll look great when you smooth it all in.

In case you didn't already know, Round 2 is releasing a "Surf Shark" variant of the Ecto 1-A

Here's a link to the video, the Surf Shark is featured at about the 4 minute mark.

David G.

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Plugging away at this ghost busting hot rod!


Cut out this body detail to be relocated later.



Then used some new bench tools to open up the rear quarters for the big drag tires. Never cut tire openings before. It's far from perfect but it's something I can work with.



Need to adjust the ride height but she has the basic stance.



Trying to keep the transformation simple but I'm getting fun ideas along the way. Also, my daughter has jumped on board and added more work to this project.  😄

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