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Stock '51 Chevy Sedan delivery

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I'm just completing this detailed stock '51 Chevy Sedan Delivery based on two plastic model kits of relatively questionable proportion...the Revell '54 sedan delivery, and AMT's '51 Chevy two door fastback sedan. I've cut open and tight-hinged all the doors, added poseable steering and, using lots of reference, detailed the basic '51 SD interior, including headliner with dome light, and opening spare wheel access at the rear floor. Brass wire was then used as reinforcement to keep the body structurally sound once all the various parts were cut open. The '51 Chevy windshield has been corrected and most of the car's trim is done using stainless wire. Window glazing is clear polycarbonate which can be curved without showing whitish stress marks. The standard equipment 216" Chevy '6' is now detailed with plug wires, vacuum and fuel lines, heater hoses, etc, and the hood now has simulated hood hinges that are visible when the hood is open and disappear into the fenders/firewall when the hood is closed. The underside now has the correct spare wheel floor-pan and the correct SD/wagon fuel tank (Renshape tank with aluminum strip hold-downs cut from a pop can). The sedan deliveries folding commercial bucket seats are also fabricated in Renshape. In order to avoid the 'metalflake' look of automotive metallic paint on a 1/25 model, I chose automotive DupliColor touchup to simulate the available 'Moonlight Cream' non-metallic color.

51 chevy sd b.jpg

51 chevy sd e.jpg

50 chev sd 1 small.png

51 chev sd 56.jpg

51 Chev sd 21 small.jpg

51 chev sd 30.jpg

51 chev sd 32.jpg

51 chev sd 33.jpg

51 chev sd 39.jpg

51 chev sd 45.jpg

51 chev sd 49.jpg

51 chev sd 50.jpg

51 chev sd 57.jpg

51 chev sd 61.jpg

51 chev sd 64.jpg

51 chev sd 68.jpg

51 chev sd 70.jpg

51 chev sd 72.jpg

51 chev sd 76.jpg

51 chevy sd 13.jpg

51 chevy sd a.jpg

51 chevy sd c.jpg

51 chevy sd g.jpg

51 chevy sd h.jpg

51 chevy sd j.jpg

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WOW! A truly amazing build! I've wanted to build the same thing, but as a woodie, for 30 years but never even got started! This build really inspire me and your picture are really helpful to me and will be saved on my HD. Thanks for showing this!!!


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