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1967 Oldsmobile Toronado Californian Custom


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Finished back in March. Built from the Round 2 reissue of an old, ugly, almost forgotten modification of MPC's 66-70 Oldsmobile Toronado tool. Obviously, extensive modifications and exclusions of certain (goofy IMHO) body features to make this acid trip, mishmash custom more in line with Jay Leno's 66 Olds. Obviously, the 1960s MPC bare promo style chassis wasn't going to cut it and there were plans for 4WD to go with the planned twin turbo LS7. A Revell 1990 Ford Thunderbird frame was found to be a far better fit under the Olds body/interior tub and allow for a 4WD setup. Some modifications and extensions up were made to the front of the frame and the kit's engine bay was also discovered to be a snug fit with minimal trimming.

A junk Z06 donated it's motor with several mods and a custom twin turbo setup using the Olds Transmission linked to a Corvette diff in the rear.  Center of the interior tub was modified to allow for a torque tube going from the Olds trans to the Corvette rear differential. Several parts from the spares bin were used for things like exhaust, driveshafts, suspension, brakes, radiator, etc. Wheels are Pegasus Hobbies 2309 23 LUXOR S. Exterior is Tamiya TS-73 Clear Orange under Rustoluem Metallic Aluminum cleared with Pledge.







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