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Chopped and tubbed ‘32 Ford


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Since this suspension is taking longer than I figured, I mixed up some sprue glue to fill the seams on the chop. It should have plenty of time to set.🥵87A3D2F3-1F74-4FF8-8D7F-C6DCCBBC49A2.thumb.jpeg.a38f242e4b7e8f2e738fc14e0934358a.jpeg

I am trying to use the rear tires I cast from the AMT ‘67 Chevelle. They are a little big but…I have nothing else close.🤪 I don’t like those rims though, so I widened the ones from the MPC ‘34 Slammer kit and cast them too.


I figured I would need a very narrow center section because of the tubbing, so I scratch built a quick-change rear for it. It looks a lot bigger under the vehicle (I scaled it down off of a schematic) than when I was building it? Due to the channeling, I have to lower the entire rear end with the body and it looks too high in the back I think, so I may wind up radiusing the rear wheel arches.






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Well I decided to make a new rear frame section for this to gain some room for suspension and a touch more tire clearance. I plan to thin down the rails a touch yet, as they are a bit too beefy looking.


I also managed to get the rear fender widened and tubbed. I plan to bob them a bit yet, but I want to get the axles mounted and ride height set before deciding how much. That’s all for now!






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