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  1. Sorry Sam , I'll definitely have to snap a few pics of it outside. Its such a large truck I can't seem to capture good photos on the bench . The rains supposed to hold off a few days
  2. Very nice work so far , looks like very challenging plastic to work with also
  3. Good start! Really like the doubles paint scheme , but there's 1000s of options ! Seems like amt has parts from other kits molded on their sprues, might be the case here
  4. Man the King s cars really rode around to the tracks in style back then ! Looks like the teams built whatever they needed to travel . Good looking project so far !
  5. Thanks Paul, its been done a few months now just never posted under glass . I used oil paints for the grime
  6. Glad to see ya puttering away on your build ! The colors looked good together, but hopefully your able to recover from the repaint. We extended the deadline till dec 31st , so there's plenty of time I've been working outside trying to finish a 16x16 deck , almost finished shy of the spindles. 1st time making stairs..like scratchbuilding w a different medium lol
  7. Those Terra tires are used heavily around here , seems like every poo hauler has em Good looking heavy work truck
  8. Very nice work! Check out those stainless drinking straws sold at wall mart ..they make sweet pipes
  9. Killer truck! Hmm those terra tires look familiar 🤔
  10. well done arrangement, shows the cramped worked space these crews faced at tracks ! the one photo even shows them on grass...could ya imagine the fuming todays crews would have working on grass ? think the crew chief is looking for the special tool to give his cars the winning edge in the tool box lol
  11. Thanks , it took a few years to fabricate everything and hundreds , literally , of the real truck to capture the enormous size of these work trucks . I gained an extensive appreciation for the drivers after meeting them to properly detail their office on wheels. My favorite parts are the drivers lunch box , sans bologna sandwich and the absolutely important " slump gauge" . Any questions please ask, I'd love to see ya build one . Their not so much hard , its a straight frame truck w large subassemblies.
  12. I built an Oshkosh FDM a few years ago, with tons of help from Gary Wallace who cast the suspension, and drum . He also made quite a few other parts . Most of the body parts were scratchbuilt by me w plans from the factory manuals . Here's a few shots of mine I'd recommend sending Gary a pm see if he has any random parts available, the project is very interesting.
  13. Really nice looking truck ! Thanks for joining the 21 brbo , well have a voting poll in Dec
  14. nice progress !! the color combo looks fantastic together too looks like great minds think alike on their color choices lol
  15. Looks great ! The color fits the era perfectly I've been mired in home projects too, haven't even sat at bench in what seems like forever now Best part of the hobby , its always there when we get back
  16. We decided to sell our classic car and buy something newer. The cutlass was becoming a huge money pit so after a few calls we landed a 2003 Mach 1 ! Low miles car and Azure blue ..can't be happier
  17. Thanks Gator ! I haven't had any ambition to work on models lately been busy working around house
  18. The cab and hood look very good with that stripe pattern Fantastic restoration too
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