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  1. Puttered w RM today while daughter slept in, added most of the smaller details id left off . The exhaust pipes drying and its basically just waiting on decals and dullcoat. I made up some D rings on the front frame , plow lights on the back from spare parts and fabbed up the lift chains ... I was so excited I decided to fire up the blower engine that it spit oil all over the top cover lol . I might add some plow lights and mounts from the grill, seems like there should be more lighting for those late night clean outs
  2. Wow much more realistic than the ones I was gonna suggest from Archer Well done
  3. The NYSDOT uses a similar unit for clearing the highways, its exactly that a trailer snowplow or sander they operate from the truck . The ones I've seen here in upstate NY were usually Mack Granites or IH Workstars . Nope haven't forgot them, just waiting so they don't get broken off lol. Thanks Thanks ! I'll check the bottle after work , can't recall who makes the flat I bought.
  4. The cab finally found its way onto the chassis, now the part I like almost as much as fabrication...detailing . I kinda screwed up attaching the blower , now I can't plumb the lines without breaking stuff off..maybe next time on an Oshkosh ! This is curbside , so I'll cheat a stack onto cab. Installing the cab really made me want to wrap this up.. I found some acrylic dullcoat at lhs, shooting testors hot lacquer dullcoat over this would be catastrophic. Thanks for everyone's feedback, I appreciate the comments
  5. Glad my 442 camino build was helpful! It was a very enjoyable conversion, I had a bunch of help getting the color choice perfect and the body to flow Your doing a gorgeous job on yours too , really enjoying how its coming together Man that engine ...absolutely stellar work ! Adding those linkages and lines really makes it come alive Howd you get the rear end sitting so low ? Mine always has that jacked up look , always wanted it sitting lower in the back..the one annoying area I had
  6. Man all those hoses and wiring really look good Awesome work on the glass , the few resin cabs I've done had really challenged me fitting the glass tightly
  7. Wow thats a sharp looking truck !!! The euro styling has such an interesting flair , very heavy duty appearance
  8. Its not too late , welcome aboard ! If people need an extension ill likely just extend the deadline to dec .
  9. I puttered with the RM last night awhile , shot some rust brown along the auger discs and around the bank head, there's more to come .they seem to repaint these frequently, so heavy wear wasn't noted . I added a few rock chips inside w a piece of fine wire making paint dots The red areas were just spots the paints rubbed off to exposed primer underneath where most of the action happens
  10. Very nice ive been following the progress on fb too Really like the red bumper/ grill guard treatment
  11. Nice work getting the roof flattened out ! Checked w my step dad , swore he had one of these style trucks rotting away in a shed ..but it wasn't it..much newer truck. He had some odd stuff till scrap steel price went up..then cleared out
  12. Thanks for all the positive feedback about the tire chains , I'm really glad i spent the time making them. Been busy working on our 32 g reef tank adding coral lately so the trucks been waiting..ya know what they say about squirrels Our newest addition is a black torch i bought off evil b ...showed up in rough shape but seems to like its new home I would be happy to help ya out after doing these pm me if ya want
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