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  1. I think perhaps it's just a bit too squared off. That's kind of the way it looks to me anyway. I may well go ahead and snatch one anyway.
  2. I've been considering that same kit, Scott, but the roof looks kind of weird to me. Is the kit actually correct in that regard?
  3. I did exactly that; chased down a standard '59, then snatched the camper from the '65, so I'm all set to go, just need to work up the courage to actually do it. And you're absolutely right, the original kit, when I even run across one, sells for stupid money.
  4. Another is this '57 Nomad, but without the flames, and perhaps different wheels as well (I'm no fan of chrome steelies). Other than that, I'd like to eventually do a couple of 30s cars, exactly as they appeared in the 30s.
  5. My long term dream is to duplicate (within reason) the setting depicted on this AMT '59 El Camino box.
  6. One of my biggest peeves here of late, is finding what I like in the way of wheels, then combining them with some corresponding tires that don't look like they belong on farm machinery. I must have 80 tires here, or more, and almost all of them are worthless.
  7. Me too. I think this and a light blue flake (or metallic), might just work out well on the 1:16 '55 Chevy I'm planning to soon get.
  8. Some mighty cool ideas here. Thanks, fellas. Odd perhaps, but I remember as a kid opening up empty spray bombs to get the metal ball inside, as they made great nose weights for model aircraft.
  9. Just be aware that shipping for some items from Amazon can have rather lengthy delays right now.
  10. Oh yea, grease strips. My arteries probably look like automotive sludge.
  11. Available on Amazon (what isn't), along with a few others that I intend to eventually grab.
  12. If the dripped paint was lacquer on lacquer, I'd do what the others recommend. If it was enamel, just wipe it off with enamel brush cleaner, as that shouldn't affect the lacquer at all.
  13. Sadly, this seems an all too common theme with many car models. Good looking wheels that I really like, with correspondingly good tires, have been my biggest headache to date.
  14. I mentioned elsewhere, but apparently not here, that I already received this kit as a Christmas gift in 2018, and the excellent book in 2019.
  15. True enough, but they're horribly stinky paints. I'm not sure either if they'd work out OK on polystyrene kits, though that might be something to try some spoon tests on.
  16. I prefer buy it now for most purchases. That way I don't have any concerns over getting sniped at the last minute.
  17. This was man cave #1 in my old house. I'll be doing something similar here this year.
  18. Me too. I could use an 8' x 16' space, and my clear working area would be about 6" square, if that.
  19. Yet another painting experiment, this time Tamiya clear blue over Testors icy blue. There was rather surprisingly almost no shift at all, but I still think it looks nice, though I also think it’s a bit too flaky for 1:24/1:25 scale, but will probably work out great on a big ol’ 1:16 scale kit, and I’ll be snatching the big Bel Air kit very soon, so may well go this route with that.
  20. I submitted a brochure (1960 Thunderbird), to a brochure site, The Old Car Manual Project, but haven't yet checked to see if he's uploaded it to the site or not.
  21. I really don't know for sure, but assuming they have the original formulas, I don't see why they'd have need to change them. The green looks the same to me, but we're talking 50 year old memories here, so who knows?
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