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  1. Wow, that’s a great resource! Thanks for sharing.
  2. Thanks guys for the kind words! @Bullybeef My wife said Rose Gold too! Kinda “paints me into a corner” (pun intended) with body color choices, but I’m up to the challenge.
  3. We are iced in here in Texas which is a rare occurrence, so I’ve been getting stuff done on this build. I cut the fenders for header clearance, then realized it’s so low that with the collectors they would hit the ground. So I drilled out the four primary pipes for realism since they won’t have a collector. Also, got the stance dialed in, and painted the wheels centers a mix of silver and copper, which ended up being light gold. Not authentic but I like it.
  4. That's a good question. I'll have to dig through some old pics to confirm, but I think they said FOYT.
  5. I made some front motor mounts out of sprue, modified the kit k-member to fit the hydro. This is the Olds engine/trans from the Revell Willys kit, as well as the intake and the 4 port injection. The blower and the scoop came from the new Revell Model A roadster kit. That kit just keeps on giving... still haven't built a model A with one, I just pillage it for parts. It would have been a lot easier to build this without fenders, but what's the fun in that? The front fenders will need holes for the headers...
  6. Since yesterday, the Ads are huge, in that it takes forever to scroll through a thread. I feel like this just happened, and has not been the norm. What gives? I expect ads if I am not signed in, but I am registered and signed in.
  7. Holy Moly! That carb color is perfect! Nice detailing job!
  8. Yes, the windshield frame is better looking, which is probably due to it being thinner all the way around, which helps with a severe chop not to have a mail slot windshield. If I had to chop the kit frame, I probably would have filed it down some.
  9. I have a Stone, Woods and Cook Willys kit that I'm not interested in Building, plus a partial Orange Crate kit, so a blown Olds combined from both kits will probably happen, along with some decals, two tone paint with darker fenders than the body, possibly some Lightning holes in the fenders? Who knows. I kinda want this to be street/strip so it may have a full interior, with a simple roll bar.
  10. Thanks fellas. I'll see if I can round some up. I was also wondering if anyone had any special mixes or recipes in their toolbox, ya know, a little of this and a little of that makes...
  11. Apologies in advance if this has been covered ad infinitum... What are you all using to replicate different types of metal? Or direct me to a thread covering this. I want to step up my game in engine and wheel detailing with correct looking paint. For example, tarnished Magnesium, Dow 7 coating, Aluminum, Cast iron, that goldish color on carburetors like Stromberg 97s.. I used Graphite spray on a recent build to replicate magnesium on the wheels, but I felt it's too dark. Here's a pic. Thanks!
  12. Check out this dumb luck.... I swear, I chopped this thing blind, expecting to have to chop the kit windshield frame. For fun I popped in an Orange Crate windshield frame and it fit perfectly! It was like I planned it. Had I planned it, it would have fit terrible.. I also did a quick mock up..... not sure I'm in love yet. Things may be changing with this build.
  13. Thanks for the help fellas, but I need to call a false alarm. I realized last night I need an entire interior for a sedan, and some other odds and ends, so I'm going to buy another sedan kit and get it all. I appreciate the offers to help!
  14. Whoa! Amazing work. My dad had a real 4 Cam Indy Ford Motor he bought from Howard Gilbert at AJ Foyt's shop in 1977. Paid $2500 for it in 1977! That was a lot of money back then. He had it until he died in 2006, my wicked step mom sold it and kept the money.
  15. With inspiration from several members chopping Deuces, I gave it a shot on a tudor body. It's turning out decent, so I'm planning the full build. I'm thinking a drag sedan, with slicks, halibrands, something with a blower, and properly decaled. I have a Stone, Woods and Cook Willys that may donate the blown Olds and other drag race parts... I do have a partial Orange Crate kit sitting around, so there could be goodies to rob from that too. Here's the progress so far... I didn't mark my cuts too well, so it ended up a wedge chop because I cut one of the B pillars too short on accident.
  16. Despite its limitations, I've always like the old Monogram 32 Roadster kit. And this is a fantastic build of that kit. Great proportions and color choice!
  17. I used up two kits worth of door handles when I built a Drag City Casting 4 door... Anyone have a pair of door handles from any of the Revell 32 kits? I am located in Fort Worth Texas, and would be happy to pay shipping. Thanks, Dan Hay
  18. Lookin' good! Any updates? I'm on a 32 building kick as well right now.
  19. Well, I chopped a 32 sedan BEFORE I read this thread, some really good tips I could have used.. hahaha.. but here it is.. I cut too much off the B pillars so it ended up being a 'wedge' chop, but it looks good. Randomly, and purely unintentional, the Orange Crate windshield frame fits perfectly in the opening. The trouble I'm having is filling the seams and not obscuring the details around the windows and lining up the door lines. I did have to put a relief cut behind the A pillar, then notch the front to lean it back to meet the roof. It's not great, but it's not terrible, I ma
  20. I hate these kits for reasons of bad proportions: AMT 32 Fords The monogram 57 Chevy with the really square roof and grille AMT 33-34 Ford Sedans, the 5w coupe is Ok.. barely. The 60 Pontiac Bonneville by Trumpeter. The roof is way too short. I saw someone on FB fix this with an AMT 62 Chevy Bubbletop roof. The Revell 34 Ford Coupe. Proportions off, and horrible to build. Many of the old Revell kits with lots of opening doors and trunks never went together well for me. I steered clear and stuck to AMT or Monogram after a few bad experiences. That's all
  21. That's awesome! I'll have to get one when the come out. Absolutely! You're definitely not alone in that!
  22. Lookin' good! Don't mean to be "that guy", but just a heads up, the quick change center section is upside down. They are flat on the bottom, the hump goes up towards the floors.
  23. 40-56 Cadillacs. I know there was a Revell kit of a 56? I believe, but no mid 50's Cadillacs with modern tooling and accuracy. I do have a built old 57 Eldorado Brougham. The 40's Cadillacs would make great models, stock or as customs. A 47 Convertible would be the Bees Knees. 50-57 Buick 50-57 Olds (I know there's a 49 Olds kit that is much like a 50.) 50-57 Pontiacs. (I guess I love Harley Earl era GM cars) Other 32 Ford body styles based on the Revell Kit: - 32 Phaeton ( not the AMT one) - 32 B400 -32 Roadster pickup with correct cab and commercial gri
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