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  1. I don't sand the color coat, too much chance for it to look uneven, or wear through to plastic which will then show when you clear it. Put LOTS of coats of clear on it. Mostly light coats, then end with a couple heavy ones trying your best to not have any runs. Then you can wet sand it. That thick layer of clear will flatten out nicely, then polish. When I polish I use 3M Perfect-it 3 stage. Good stuff, but pricey.
  2. I was there too. The "polish victory lap" is what they called it. I believe it was his first win.
  3. That T is nice! The nail is beautifully detailed. Where did you get the Cal Custom scoops?
  4. Love it! 66 was my dad's favorite year of Cadillac, he had several of them.
  5. Mike, that's some sick paintwork! Can't wait to see this one finished.
  6. My House of Kolor Candy Pagan Gold 1/8 scale Big Deuce. The tires on this build are from my dad's original issue kit that he built as a kid in the early 60's.
  7. Nice! I don’t think I have a sure enough hand for individual rows, and I have the same problem with the grafted piece not having the right curve to match the hood top. Quick primer mock up:
  8. Coat of primer so I can see the places that need attention. It’s turning out a lot better than I thought! I’ve logged several hours in this hood so far..
  9. The hood top is kind of a mess, my excuse is that I’ve never grafted in louvers before. But, I have a spare hood just in case, so I’m pushing onward to see if I can fix it. The louvers for the good top are not the correct size as the 1:1, but it’s the best I can do. I used a hood side from the roadster kit and filed a few off to make the correct pattern
  10. There’s a better video of it on YouTube on Jay Leno’s garage. https://youtu.be/_eqiSoO3zPI
  11. Working on the side hood details. I carefully filed down the stock hood sides. Not exact but close enough for me. I need to fix gouges from the files, but pretty decent.
  12. What a great build! The purple-black-pink color combo works really well. Makes me want to do a period 70's-90's build!
  13. YES! Nice job. So I said it would be a tribute.. that means I'm not sure if I can pull off the necessary details. And when I get mired in the details, that's when I lose interest in a project. I just want it to look like the McGee roadster for the average hot rodder, not be down to the last detail. 1. Louvers in the hood top: they are right down the center on the McGee roadster, I'll have to graft in some louvers from another hood. I've never done that before so? 2. Hood side louvers: I think I've figured out I can file down the stock hood side louvers to resemble the McGee
  14. I started this a while back but got distracted. I decided to keep going on it. It will be a tribute to (not exact replica) a famous, historical 32 roadster. Can you tell which one by the details in the pics so far?
  15. Dan Hay

    '49 Mercury

    Turned out awesome!
  16. Stance nailed! Looks good.
  17. Thanks for the comments, I tried the black wash, over the white grill and it didn’t look right (no pic) so I repainted it white. The white doesn’t look great but it looks better than white with the black wash. Perhaps I should try the grey wash. Anyways, pretty much finished it minus one or two details to here are some finished pics.
  18. Thanks Tim! When I was a young lad I would get dad's Street Rodder out of the mailbox before him and flip straight to Modeler's Corner!
  19. Here's my 1:1 build list: 38 Chevy Coupe was built by my dad in the 70's-80's, and I'm collecting parts for a complete mechanical rebuild. The crusty 40 Ford Tudor was my only complete build, drug it out of a field and did everything except the paint and interior. It was a 350 Chevy hooked to the original 40 trans and banjo rear. The 65 Bug is the current project, I need to build the motor for it. The 56 Buick was a 2 owner original I did a bunch of work to get it road worthy and reliable, also lowered it all the way around. @Dennis LacyI'm pretty sure I bought some brake lines fro
  20. Tire technology has a lot to do with it. Horsepower ability was soaring while tire technology and the ability to "hook" was lagging behind. If you look at old footage of the NHRA in the 50's and 60's, dragsters would spin the tires the entire quarter mile, and still win, because hardly anyone could get traction. But in general, if you're spinnin, you aint winnin, so all this was to try to get traction. So yes, putting the nose in the air helps the weight transfer and allows the car to squat hard on the rear tires during the launch. People would go to further lengths by altering the whee
  21. My two eldest have been asking to build a model for a while now, so I bought 2 Revell snap together 57 Chevys, and told them the could pick a paint color out of my stash and I would paint the body but they had to do everything else. They really had fun. I need to find some more cool snap kits for them, there's not a great selection. And, by the way, the Revell 57 snap kit was pretty nice! I wanted to build one and foil all the chrome.
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