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  1. What's a pm? I haven't heard from you.
  2. Here's a pic of what I have. Let me know if it helps. Where it looks like 3 tires are actually a 2 piece tire. Somebody, probably AMT, did those for some time.
  3. I don't do tuner cars so have no tires like that. What's classic style? I'll try to get some pictures to you within the next few days.
  4. I've got tires going back to 1958. I just sorted them out last week. How many of what kind do you need? If you want, take a couple of hours ride over to the gulf side and have a look.
  5. Here's my model area. It's part of a 10' x 20' room inside a 20' x 40' steel building. The other aprt of the hobby room contains 2 benchtops that are 3' x 8' each. One is for cutting and grinding and the other is the assembly area for my stained glass projects. My favorite tool would have to be my Wahl sander.
  6. For a white finish I've used Plasti-Kote white sandable primer applied after wet sanding/washing the car. When dry wet sand again looking for any flaws. Prime again. When body and primer are set, I'll shoot it with either Testor's wet look clear or Tamiya TS65 clear pearl. The TS65 has some metallic in it.
  7. Maybe somebody passed gas during the plating process.
  8. crazyjim

    32 Ford

    This Relicas & Miniatures of Maryland place have a website? I might like to get one of those coupes.
  9. I didn't knoe Testor's glue would hold Evergreen. I've alwaays used Tenax.
  10. Great pics. Thanks for sharing. Hope there'll be more.
  11. I did a search for BMW 328-36 but could only find newer BMWs. Can you tell me the manufacturer of that model and the year of the car. Thanks.
  12. That is one excellent looking model. Love the wheels and the way you widened the fenders. I gotta get one of those.
  13. Real nice '47 and I love the roadster you built. Good luck to you at the show. Everybody that's going to NNL west have a good time and safe trip. Take lots of pictures to post when you get back.
  14. Hi and welcome. I find myself checking this forum every morning because I enjoy it so much. Hope you will too.
  15. I started my '60 Ford this morning - shaved the insignias off and sanded the chrome trim off. I want to roll the front & rear pans but not sure how to do it. I was thinking of stripping the chrome off the bumpers, glue them on and then start sanding them down. Anybody got any ideas on rolling the pans on this car?
  16. Sorry. I was playing with photobucket and messed something up. Here's pics of our EMPI Imp buggy.
  17. Beautiful job on the Swamp Rat. I believe Dig Daddy used to cut a notch on the rear zoomie tubes. After wiping the slicks and doing the burnout, the exhaust being forced out the tubes would continue to keep debris off the slicks. Maybe he only did the notches on earlier Swamp Rat verions. I live about 20 miles from his museum and haven't ben there yet. There's an old magazine (1964) with his picture in it. One of these days I'll get over there and try to get an autograph on the magazine.
  18. Lookin' pretty good Dave. I like the stance. Not liking BMF? Have you tried Helipilot's deal using Reynolds Wrap? I bought some Mona Lisa adhesive and the wrap but haven't tried it yet. Supposed to be better than BMF.
  19. Plasicote primer is the only way to go and can be purchased at Car Quest for about $6.00 a can. I use the sandable grey for everthing. If the final color coats I'm planning are lighter, I'll use the white primer.
  20. Here's pic of our EMPI Imp dune buggy.
  21. Nice, clean build Tom. Where does everybody get the DupliColor paint? the local Wal-Mart has only touch up bottles of the stuff - no more spray cans.
  22. Sorry, no pics but that's because my favorite street street rod hasn't been built. But one of these days it'll be a full fendered '34 5 window coupe in a deep purple color with flames. Small block Chevy with auto trans. The interior will be dove grey leather will a console that starts under the dash goes between the bucket seats, up the rear wall and over the roof to the windshield. I've dreaming about this puppy for many years.
  23. Been too busy to get the gas tank back in the buggy, but I'll get there. I used a bathroom vent fan. The guy at the home improvement store said I shouldn't have any problems. I did read the article about the guy using the wrong fan.
  24. The buggy is actually an EMPI Imp (1970) on a shortened '63 VW chassis. Put in a fresh 1640cc engine last year with all the goodies - Bosch alternator, 110 cam, electronic ignition, big valve heads. I have the front end off right now because I discovered a hole in the gas tank. The tank has been repaired but I need another pair of hands to balance the hood/dashboard/windshield while I reinstall the tank. Hopefully next week I'll be able to get it back together and take some pics for you. By the way, after the tank is in and I get it cleaned up, it's going up on Ebay. Interested in buying it?
  25. I have an airbrush book and have been thinking about getting the DVD one of the forum guys has. Dehydrator? As in a food dehydrator?
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