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  1. Waht kind of paint do you use? An airbrush? Type of clear? Do you use an LMG polishing kit? You paint jobs are increbible, but you make it look so easy. I gotta try it. Thanks.
  2. set it in your freezer for a few hours and the glue should break clean at the joints.
  3. Great looking model. I'm anxious to hear your reply about the interior.
  4. I wouldn't buy anything that guy hawks. He makes me sick!!
  5. What you could really do is just ship everything to me. Kidding - gotta go check ebay.
  6. Heading down to Ft. Lauderdale next month and was wondering if anyone knows a decent hobby shop down that way.
  7. Very excellent looking model. Can you tell me how you were able to mask such fine lines?
  8. And they still give. Perhaps you watched the Memorial Day Concert from DC last night. THe show had Nellie (Mom) Jose (Vet) and Liz (sister). Jose is at the Haley VA in Tampa and my Rolling Thunder chapter goes to see him every few months. Hell of a kid. The show also had quick glimpses of the American Gold Star Mothers. I was with them in Miami a couple of weeks ago for the renaming of the hospital to the Bruce W. Carter VA Medical Center. Bruce is the son of Georgie Carter-Krell. Bruce was awarded the Medal of Honor for jumping on a frag. Next month we'll be going back to Miami for the American Gold Start Mothers National Convention. If I would have been able to make DC and Rolling Thunder this year, Theresa Davis (American Gold Star Mother) would have been on the back of my Wide Glide. I feel the pain of my fallen brothers everyday. I came back without a scratch - they came home in a box. I will never forget them or their families. I will do my best to make sure YOU never forget our fallen heroes. We (Vietnam Veterans Gathering) will be bringing The Wall to Palm Chevrolet in Ocala, October 15 - 19, 2009.
  9. Besides metal hangers, I've also used heavy gauge electrical wire bent to shape. I use the wire to tape smaller parts to for painting. A trick I learned is to latch onto the hanger or wire and put a rag over my hand so the paint doesn't get all over my hand. Last year I bought one of those Tamiya stands and love it. I kept the hangers though.
  10. So I guess you're looking for skinny (thin) old style tires. I'll check my tire box and let you know.
  11. I don't know what a set of 5.20s means. I guess tires. Please be more specific and I'll look in my box of tires.
  12. These what you're looking for? The front of the wheels are the same design but the backs are different. Wheel #1 is solid while #2 has the slots open.
  13. Thanks for the ideas guys. I'll have to try the tape thing and the shaver screens sounds interesting too. Thanks again.
  14. Welcome Tom. Jim from florida, USA. I love this forum and have learned many things from it. My problem is being ashamed of the models I build after seeing so many fantastic builds. I just can't do what some of these people can. Oh well. I'll plug along and keep trying my best. One of these when I think something is good enough, I'll post a picture.
  15. I cut the grille out of the Dodge Magnum with the plan to put in a straight bar billet grille. Anybody got any idea how to make a billet grille?
  16. Somewhere in my toolchest I have a tubing bender kit. The kit has several different sized tubes that like like a very tightly wound spring. The idea being you put the tube inside and it's not supposed to kink. The old trick of filling the tube with sand before bending doesn't seem to work for me. Check out Micro Mark #60360.
  17. I think you're thinking about the old Coca Cola - like over 50 years ago when supposedly Coca Cola really had coke in the formula. That's long gone. Back in the day, Coca Cola was great for removing rust from chrome. I use Purple Power for stripping paint.
  18. Please keep me posted about the shows. I haven't been to a model car contest since leaving Chicago.
  19. How did you get those pin stripe lines in there? Please don't tell me their hand painted.
  20. Have you tried plaain old telephone wire. If you rip apart the outer covering you'll find 4 wires inside (red, green, black, blue). You can carefully strip the insulation and use it for the "boots". Scale Dreams and Model Car Garage ignition wires fits inside the "boot" perfectly.
  21. Can you help me out here? You keep mentioning rubbing out the paint and several coats of wax. How and what do you use to rub out the paint? What kind of wax? Do you put on several coats of clear before rubbing out? I've never done the rubbing out to my paint but do use Model Car Wax.
  22. I'm in Citrus Springs and would love to try and get together with other local builders.
  23. I've tried to simulate wood grain by using several different colors of tan, light brown, dark brown, etc. It helps me to put a little paint into a small cup and put a few drops in seperate places in the cup. Then I can mix a little and get the different colors together. For leather I use Testor's Model Master leather paint.
  24. When I've completed a model I throw the box in the garbage. There are 2 boxes in the can right now and the garbage goes out tonight (04/23/09). I can pull them out if you want. I believe the boxes are from a 1960 Ford Starliner and a 1962 Pontiac.
  25. Nice lookin' ride. It's Deuce, right? If you're ever down FLA way, stop by and we can go for a ride together. Ride safe out there brother.
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