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Ok now I think I've found the images with the details of some interior construction and some chassis parts that have been installed.

DSC_0656.thumb.JPG.bba38dfdc095f3e33126aThis is the power plant with lenco transmission,it is painted and i will install the engine in the chassie before i start to detail it.

I find it easier to detail the engine when it is fixed in the frame just that the paint lightly rubbed off from the corner when you have to hold it in your fingers all the time.

DSC_0288.thumb.JPG.0d328a3010945c29e39d8Here you can see the rear end mounted on the chassis, wheel tub are not particularly attractive from below but it will not be seen then when the rear tires are mounted. I have also mount rod ends in the tabs that will hold the front wheels.Also a rack and pinion steering are mounted,its made of a aluminum tube with the ends from the Revell 1/24 Pro stock Firebird kit

DSC_0658.thumb.JPG.bf162874310550a5f14b8They have been alclad before mounted.


And Here we have the headers been alclad. ready to be istalled.

IMG_0792.JPGhere we have the lenco shifter kit,that where I have put brass tubes into the holes in the tunnel and then a stainless steel tube with a sawed groove in it....sitting in the brass tube.
There I then attached the photo-etched detail of the struts that will go up to the levers.
The sides of the brass tube are painted black, and only the top are brass.

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The lenco shifters are mounted.

But not the strut to the reverse gear.


IMG_0807.thumb.JPG.5261ae28f5d8c3b452f09This is the engine mounted ,

IMG_0833.thumb.JPG.20508e6cd82ff50de0520Here you can see some scratch built pulleys made on my lathe and the belt are made of Tamiya masking tape and painted black.

You can also see the headers are installed.



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Thank you for your appreciation, I appreciate myself many posts on the forum that gives me a lot of inspiration to get on with my projects.
So it just feels good if I can give something back.

This building is a bit different from the traditional model-car building, The body is in many parts.
Therefore, the interior construction has to be completed and the body is fixed to the chassis, and then you can build with doors and front.
why?.... to get the doors to sit well, you need the body to sit in their firm position and then fit in the doors.
The body is very fragile and it is so small margins that make sure it is in different positions every time I'm testing on the chassis. Therefore, it is better to readjust the doors if needed. so now the focus of the interior,thereafter painting the body, and then mount it.

DSC_0641.thumb.JPG.b1048fef0e8135fee0ccdthe dashboard, I have used a flat plastic card piece that is painted black.
I detail it with knobs and rivets from Model factory Hiro and gauges from Model Car Garage. it is only the upper dash that is from the kit.

pedals is from futurattraction, (thanks Scott for your wonderful details), and also a floor plate is attached to the floor.
Skratch built mounts for the seat in aluminum.
The seat comes from Revell Pro Stock Firebird. The steering column are made of aluminum tubes.

The knobs on the shifters are Epoxy glue spots,and painted black. 


I have polished a little on some eyecatching areas and some of the tubeframe.

Next uppdate will be about the electronic boxes and the nitro bottle and seatbelts.

Until next time, have a good time and enjoy model building.



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I think I can say, with complete confidence, that this is the most extreme Datsun 510 ever conceived in 1:25 scale. I'm also digging the Ford power!

I have one of Scott's 9" axles- I'm still waiting to start a project worthy enough to showcase it. 

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Tim, Paul,Dave ,Chuck,Carl,

Thank you so much for your kind words .

The biggest challenge of this build is , that i want to put in so much components and details in this small car, and it is very tricky to get the right proportions.

but soon the interior are complete, and that makes a lot in the hole process, 



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Dan,Thank you, glad you like the Datsun project. Anyhow, I have a good picture of the headers after the assembly that I forgot to show the last.


Ok , back to the interior construction.

Building belts can be difficult to get to a natural "hang". . They may not see to stiff out, then it takes away the realistic feeling,i think. Seat belt hardware comes from the Model Car Garage .... I think ??? I'm not sure. And the belt is made of Tamiay masking tape . The belts are brush -painted with Humbrol paint.

DSC_0599.thumb.JPG.db752025e348b9df31251Here are the belts mounted in their brackets and the seat from the Firebird kit that i have made holes in order to pull through the belts .



I have also detailed the mounts for the seat with some boltheads and washers.

The padding in the seat are the original pattern from the Firebird kit and i have brushpainted it.

Next update will be about the nitro bottle and some electronic boxes.



Opinions and comments are welcome.

Opinions and comments are welcome.
Opinions and comments are welcome.


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John,Dave, thanks for your kind words.

I have some pictures of the Nitro bottle.

First you see when i have mocked-up the bottle with the mounting hardware and the aluminum plate that i will mount in the cage,

it is only mocked-up with adeshive clay just to secure that is going to fit.


second picture shows the Nitrobottle painted in clear blue, and i have also made two pumps on my lathe that i will connect the fuel system and the nitro bottle with.


I will after this put on some decals on the bottle and the pumps and the install and glue it in place,and detail it alittle bit more.

to be countinued.



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Paul,Rob, thanks for your support.

I have finished building interior nitro assembly and even mounted some electronic boxes on plates mounted inside the interior.
Even a fire extinguisher that is made of aluminum painted red with a decal and some photo etch detail. Finally, the devices were also wired.

inr_5.thumb.jpg.38c8694c46b342ba68bab327inr_6.thumb.jpg.984059833cbe265231ebb13dinr_7.thumb.jpg.d4093b034851494963111d49inr_1.thumb.jpg.5e47e50bd448c46b800f687finr_4.thumb.jpg.6abe454eb76ea3557e42e4a0inr_8.thumb.jpg.90308861f136278e761beabfinr2.thumb.jpg.8e07bf7677ec8dc3e6ccdb3eainr3.thumb.jpg.41e583cefbc20a82110665da0OK , this is the interior,

the steeringwheel assembly will be at a later time,because the doors are opened so i can mount it later.

So the next move on this build is to paint and mount the body on this chassi/interior.

I have already begin with the body,but i will polish the clear coated body and do some more tests and sorted out some photos.

So you have to hold on with these interior photos for now.

Hope you like it so far....


Happy modeling ,





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Really nice work on the Datsun! This is a pleasure to watch coming together, impressive detail work everywhere on this tiny car. Especially that interior looks just about right.B)

Only thing is that this is not a Pro Stock car as the topic title says. They never drove Datsuns in Pro Stock.;)

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Scott,Niko, Thank you,for watching this. I am glad that you like it.

Regarding Datsun and Pro Stock class, so yes, I know they did not drive Datsun in Pro Stock, I buried myself a little bit in the Pro Stock rules before I started building this Datsun and then realized that the engine manufacturers must be the same as the body manufacturers.

I see that they called the Pro Stock class for ”Factory Hot Rods” ,,thats cool.

Then I checked the Sox and Martin's Colt that has a Chrysler Hemi, (I think) and  ... it's a  Imported car from Japan.To me that is not a Chrysler.But Rules are rules.. And because I like the 70's Pro Stock cars very much and I would rather build my concept of Revell Datsun 510 and, Datsun engine in Drag racing is not possible for me. So the choice fell on Ford small block, partly because I would  get the room with a V8. And Ford is sacred to me.

My sense of this build is to equip this small car with so much drag racing dimensions as possible without making it look unreal out.

So really I do not know exact what class a car like this would  compete, the only thing I know is that I build it inspired by the 70's P / S cars.

A "Drag car" might be more accurate in the title of the topic, but it will also become a fictitious car, so "what if" …, if the rules had been different?


So if you guys have any suggests of what class this car can compete in,tell me and i will change the Topic Title.. If this little wild thing can fit in,in a correct class it would be better.

Comments are welcome..



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