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I,m glad you like my little "Sweet Pain",thank you very much,indeed.

I´m still thinking what to do next? for the moment i´m cleaning up my hobby room and sorting back all small details in their boxes,so can find them.

When the workspace gets cleaned,i get so eager to start building a new project.

Some ideas i have been thought of the last time is, a drag version of a Ford Pinto wagon, but also a 70 Dodge Challenger Pro stock, 69 Cuda Pro Stock,

I have not deside yet,what i wanna do???

I,m not sure  what level i will do them in, It feels that i need to build a little more easy build between the Datsun or next "super detail" project.

I have a build almost complete of Eddie Shartmans 68 Dodge Dart Pro Stock,it is taillights and wheeliebar left to do,unfortunately i dont have so many building pictures of the Dart,But i can show you pictures of the complete build when it is finished.It is not so much details on that build as it is on the Datsun,but it was pretty cool anyway.

Thank you again¨,





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Thank you very much,indeed.

-Tyrone, Great that you reminded me about the Duster.

That is a project that pop-up in my mind very often,unfortunately i have very high demands on that build,(Maybe thats good) so it feels a little bit slow to get started.

But i actually got my inspiration back for the Duster, Hmmm.... lets see...?



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Wow Fred. that is pretty kool!!!!!!! Hope ya got the drive shaft in too, all that power and ya gotta go some where with it!!!! LOL

Love the work ya did on this!!!! Now tell me the truth, all you did is shrunk down a real car right??? You can tell me , no one will ever know the truth!!!!! ;)

As for what to do next???? Honda S800 or an Abarth???


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Ha ha...Thanks Kerry,

The drive shaft Will be there  soon.

Honda or Abarth?   It is pretty fun to do drag cars on european and japanese cars,because

 that was quite common here in Sweden in the 70's on the drag strip,

i,ll think the next build will be a US car. My collection of modelkits is 90% Ford GM Mopar (US  cars) because that is what i'm usually Into.  The Datsun was more a nostalgic choice.

i remember old Datsun's from My childhood.

Thanks again.





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