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'27 T Retro Dragstrip Roadster

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'27 T Retro Dragstrip Roadster

Altered States Models '27 T Roadster body. Door line and stock firewall detail removed. Home made firewall from .040" sheet. Chopped and open radiator shell from AMT '23 T competition body parts pack. Partial belly pan cut down from Revell Orange Crate.

AMT '25 T hot rod frame with roll bar, seat, center steering box and butterfly wheel from AMT '23 T competition body parts pack. Frame Z'd higher at rear and front spring perch raised. AMT Double Dragster "Moon" gas pedal, tachometer and hand brake handle. Hand pressure pump from Revell Kurtis Midgets. Moon fuel tank from Revell '32 5-Window. Gauge face decals from Ed Roth Tweedy Pie T.

Front axle, hairpin rods and tierod from Revell '32 5-Window with scratch-bashed hoop steering arm and home made drag link rod. Revell '29 Pickup lever shocks.

AMT '25 T Halibrand quick change rear axle, spring and shocks. Home made spring/shock brackets on axle tubes. Revell '40 Ford ladder bars. Monogram Blue Bandito brake plates. 

Monogram Slingster dragster 12-spoke front wheels & tires.

Monogram Blue Bandito 5-spoke rear wheels & slicks.

Monogram Slingster Hemi engine block, heads, valve covers, timing cover and modified zoomie headers. Parts bin log intake, Ed Roth Tweedy Pie T carburetors and home made fuel blocks with hoses. Modified finned valley cover and breather tube from Revell '32 5-Window Hemi. Spalding Flamethrower distributor from Revell Pontiac engine parts pack, drilled & wired. AMT '32 Vicky "Dual Coil". 

Early Ford 3-speed trans and center cross member from AMT '29 Roadster optional Dodge Red Ram. Home made drive shaft.

Tamiya TS55 Dark Blue on body. All decals from recent retro reissue of AMT '32 Vicky.


DSCN3391-vi.jpgHosted on Fotki

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