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We all know how rare Maverick Kits are, and how pricy they can be when found. A while back, I came across this little Jem on a familiar auction site. I don't rember my winning bid, but I can be cheap and love a bargain, so it wasn't a lot I'm sure.

Once I received it, I disassembled it, and into the purple pond, love that stuff!   Overall not to bad door handles still there, nameplates intact, but the  rear wheel openings are a mess. Remnants of a hot knife it looks like. 

The reason I bid on it and probably the same reason I won it was the rear wheel openings were cut up but I had an idea to save them. 




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A few years ago, Round Two , I guess reissued the MPC Multi Maverick Gasser kit. This kit came with two sets of fenders on for the regular wheelbase gasser and the other for the extended wheelbase altered. Some quick measurements and the wheel openings were just right. The idea was to reverse the fenders so that the longer skirt on the fender would better match up to the rocker panel and the shorter skirt or front of the fender would better fit the quarter panel




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Sweet !!! I got really lucky and Traded for my Maverick a few years ago. The guy that had it said he was going to throw it away. I talked him out of it!! It wasn't in the best of shape , but was salvageable. Before & After

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I cut and trimmed MM fenders and used them as a template to know where to cut the body. I glued them in place and after allowing the glu to dry, I did the first rough sanding. 



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See? it ain nuthin but plastic! Your repair job came out PERFECT! As a suggestion, The chassis from the AMT 67 Mustang will fit under that body with just a little shortening and trimming. And it's a MUCH better detailed chassis than the stock Maverick chassis!

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There were no holes in the trunk. Just glued on. I had the same thought on the chassis. I removed the fuel tank from the original chassis. I need to read the rule book, and do some research.




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