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Just finished my 4th build of the year.  When I got the kit, the roof was crushed and the a-pillars and vent window frames were all broken.  I felt bad for the little car and had to restore it.

Paint is Duplicolor GM blue with clearcoat by Future.

I could only salvage 2 of the decals, even with Micro Mark's help - the front Porsche medallion and the PORSCHE lettering on the tail lights, but that in itself was a lifesaver.  Thanks to the members for pointing me towards a set of instructions.

Comments are welcome!


porsche 1.png

porsche 2.JPG

porsche 3.JPG

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Thanks guys for the kind comments!

The outside mirrors are actually aluminum cut from a soda can and polished.  I originally tried BMF and didn't like it, so this was my attempt to find something shiny.  I'll post a question in the Q&A about whether anyone has a trick for these.

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6 hours ago, seeker589 said:

Great build! Thanks for sharing.

Was the kit a Fujimi Enthusiast Series kit? 

It was the Testors kit.  It built up well though.  I had some fit issues with hoses around the turbo, but they can't be seen with the engine in the body.  The engine is made up of 49 pieces!

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