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TAT GMC crackerbox

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hello , i have make the fenders with woodglue to the cab so i can figured out where the battery box etc can come on the chassis and i can make the support for it , also for the aircleaner , so now its must a little move back but now i know the sizes









i have ordered a V6 engine for this old lady but if its take to long a take the V8-71 



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Jim , i have see it

guy,s now i have a problem

 , i have seen a very nice picture of a GMC Crackerbox with a movingvan , its a single drive from greyhound

i have the decals almost for a year in house [ from jerry reeter ]

can i switch the chassis and wil be no problem for the TAT 2018 , here is the single drive chassis


if you say no than i use the tandem chassis but no movingvan

but it looks so good


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On 2018-06-23 at 1:15 AM, leafsprings said:

How about a Moose and Benji ( Movin On series ) build?

You mean the "Pig Pen", it was a lot rattier and a dual drive. ;)

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after a break [ my sister past away ] i start slowly back with the build of this one

i wil use the tandem set up and first i want make it good on the chassis with the correct high

on this picture it must about 4 mm up to make it correct like the real pictures i have found 


and it make,s also a ggod room for the engine

til the next time

i am not only workin on the gmc 

you wil seen soon the new item of a icoon from the past


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 Prayers and condolences from to yours on the loss of your Sister ! It’s a hard choice between single or tandem they both look good. You may want to look at it by what you have in your collection of trucks have how many single cabs do you have versus how many tandems. 

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