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Yellow Bob Ford Thunderbolt


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My second yellow drag car in a row, this time it's the Revell '64 Thunderbolt kit with Fred Cady decals to build the car from 1965.  The body was painted with Tamiya Yellow, basic wiring was added to the engine and the wheels came from the Revell '32 Ford kits.  I now have seven completed examples, with a Butch Leal version still to do.IMG_20181120_174324215.thumb.jpg.0afb1b003b9ace0fd59defe153a503ae.jpgIMG_20181120_174312487.thumb.jpg.5ee61e1c85434688200ed343e64ece5e.jpgIMG_20181120_174338260.thumb.jpg.eecb2c8d3aab418b8106f0da3313bed1.jpgIMG_20181120_174216113.thumb.jpg.265c08bd318b17ce8ed4a6fd61daddac.jpgIMG_20181121_101342233.jpg.d900012c9c5d35e345e0d3f729132a17.jpg

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3 minutes ago, alan barton said:

Congratulations, Paul, on what is surely the finest collection of Thunderbolts ever assembled.  That Bob Ford is laser sharp - the side trim is a lesson on foil detailing for everyone.  Just beautiful!



Thanks Alan, I have three more on my shelf that aren't racecars...IMG_20181121_100750542_HDR.thumb.jpg.7c0f10e7075169aa4ee8f26c2395f93a.jpg

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That's a very cool collection of Thunderbolts! They all seem to be very nicely done. I think you nailed the overall look with this yellow T-Bolt, and as said earlier, great work with the BMF. I finished one of these earlier this year, too, and foiling was definitely one of the trickiest jobs. Yours turned out very nice.

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Very nice.

I had this car all planned out to do , but had issues with the  Cady decals while doing the Gold version.

So i shelved it and have yet to get back to it ( maybe someday soon I hope ) Ive got six on them done myself and decals to do maybe 4 or 5 more

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