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My 1/24th Vintage Slot Cars

Dave B

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Don't normally post this for down the Model Cars forum,  more of a static builder these days,  but I thought some may like to see my old restored 1/24th racers.  My first slot car was a Cox Ford GT40, must have been about 15, and I am still racing although these days it is 1/32nd scale on routed tracks.  I also have a few 1/32nd vintage racers but they are more shelf queens these days, as is this collection!!


Front row, left to right are:

Midori Alfa Romeo Canguro, Revell 289 FIA Cobra with Cox GT40 wheels, Cox Cheetah, Cox Ferrari Dino coupe, Cox Ferrari Dino spyder, Cox mag frame Chaparral 2E, K&B chassis with AMT 289 Cobra body

Back row left to right:

Cox Chaparral 2 chassis and interior with Arii 2C body, Cox Chaparral 2D, Cox Chaparral 2, Cox Ford GT40, Cox Lotus 40, AMT Lola T70 with Cox GT40 wheels.

Tks for looking

Dave B





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I was going to pick the 2C or the Dino coupe as my favorites but to be honest I really like them all  !   I wouldn't mind seeing some individual photos of these posted . :)

Still kicking myself for selling all of my slot cars a few years ago .

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