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1/64 Farm Diorama


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As mentioned in my New Member Intro, this Winter's project is a 2' by 4' farm diorama in 1/64th scale to take advantage of my collection of 1/64 farm toys.

It's pretty obvious that neither my building skills nor my photography skills are on a par with some of the stunning examples posted here, but practice makes perfect.

I'm trying to dust off what little photography skills I have and take my Nikon P510 out of Auto/Snapshot mode.  It's coming back to me, but slowly...very slowly.

Here are a couple of the not completely horrible shots I've managed so far.

Constructive criticism of both the diorama and the photography are invited.



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Thanks, all!

My experience with HO helps a lot, but being dang near 70 isn't helping as much as I'd hoped...?  More patience, but less visual acuity...

One of my little joys is making detail items out of whatever I have laying around.  For instance the cattail leaves are little slices of green insulation off some 18 gauge wire, and the seed heads are dabs of brown "puffy paint" on some magnet wire.  Reeds/dead weeds are snipped off the end of a whisk broom.  The corrugated portion of a plastic (gasp!) drinking straw makes a great culvert when stretched out and hit with some silver paint.

House, barn and grain bins are kits, all the other structures are scratch built.

Trees are stranded copper wire armatures, a little solder, some brown paint, some spray adhesive and static grass.


Little dabs of red enamel for the apples.


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8 hours ago, tbill said:

That’s pretty cool! If you could put a tornado in the background, it’d be perfect?

My youngest daughter is a pretty talented artist.  She's going to do a backdrop scene for me.  I'll mention that!  ?

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Just to give you an idea of working in 1/64th scale.  

The scene is an inside joke among farmers.  Certain years of International tractors were prone to failures of the Torque Amplifier which required splitting the tractor to repair.  Much like Chevy vs. Ford, farmers will argue for hours about IH vs. John Deere.

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Dad was colorblind.  Our two main tractors were a McCormick Deering Super W6 (Wheatland version of a Super M) and a John Deere B.  I spent boucoup hours on that B cultivating corn and soybeans in low gear at half throttle...?

My little slice of heaven has a Kubota, a Pasquali and a John Deere lawn tractor.

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3 hours ago, cobraman said:

Very well done, great details !

Thanks.  The amazing work I see here is a little daunting, but I see it as a challenge to take my work up a notch.


I'm at the point where the overall theme of the diorama is done and now I'm adding little details and scenes to try to bring it to life.  Little things like the lawn mower and little red wagon in the yard and (as I can afford it...) figures like the dogs and cats, some birds, etc.  Preiser makes really nice stuff but it gets expensive quickly on my budget.

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very kool… You're right about the JD - IH crowd.. My father in law is a Farmall guy to the bone and I'm a Deere guy, fan all my life and currently working at Deere in the steel stamping division... We go at it from time to time, but it's good banter!!!!

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We had a combination corn crib/equipment shed on the farm I grew up on.  It's visible in the upper center of the home place picture.  Decided I wanted one for the diorama, couldn't find anything even close in kit form so scratch built it from scale lumber.  Just needs a little more weathering on the corrugated roofing.

Oh...and an addition onto the diorama table so I have some place to put it...☺️

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On 1/21/2020 at 4:20 AM, PHPaul said:

Thanks, Landman.


This is the farm I grew up on in the 50's and 60's.  (Pic is from late 40's as near as I can tell).  I spent a lot of time looking for that house kit, it's quite similar to the one I grew up in as well.

Nothing like an old salt box style farmhouse.  I grew up in one myself.

Great dio.

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Ran out of room before I ran out of ideas, so I added another 2x4 section.  It'll be home to the corn crib I mentioned above and some other buildings I've built or had donated to me.

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