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What went wrong?

Superbird McMonte

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So this morning I broke open a can of Tamiya TS-36 fluorescent red. I laid a light coat down over gray primer.

It looked purple. (As seen here on the paint stand)


I had warmed up the can, so it went on real light. I’ll let that flash and then started putting on slightly heavier coats.

Something did not seem right.  

The more paint I put on, the more it went from purple to blood red. I was hoping for Richard Petty’s vermilion red. 

Not quite.


But it came out too nice to take the paint off and start over. As luck would have it I have the Hawaiian punch decals. So I guess this will be the Hawaiian punch car now. I’m going to have to do some testing on spoons to get this color situation straightened out.


Is it possible that the wrong color is in the can? Has this happen to anyone? Your thoughts are appreciated thank you!



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Wow! Happy accident? From what I gather it's nearly impossible for the wrong color to be in a can or a can labled wrong at the manufacturer. but I swear it's happend to me before. I had an old can of Testors Lt. Blue Met. When I painted a 69 Camaro convt. it was clearly frost green...  Here's the thing, to my knowledge Testors never did a Frost green met? 

However the can did spend a couple summers in a storage building, I wonder if a chemical explosion happened due to heat inside the can? It's a total mystery to me...

I talked to an E&M paint specialist and he said that it's possible that it could be different color after it goes in the can depending on atmosphere. I'm glad you're gonna keep it, BTW that Camaro got traded off to a buddy and into the swim tank it went (boo)... Here it is after he stripped it, I truly regret gettin rid of it... Now it's just a story...?


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Hello great paint job!  robertw is right. Fluorescent colors are very very transparent like a candy color. Painted my lotus 56. Tried grey primer and came out the same color you have. . Used a white primer and it came out the fluorescent red I needed. 


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Thanks for all of the feedback guys! You’re right, it needs to be over white primer. Here is my spoon test.

The first picture is one light coat over each primer.


This next picture is after two more coats.


The spoon with white primer looks closer to the color of the cap than it does in the picture.?

While I was at it, I did the blue for the Petty car too. The picture below was one coat.


This last picture is after several coats.


My “Take away” from all this is to do spoon tests with paints I’m unsure about!

Great feedback guys! Thanks!

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So now, after standing out a couple little imperfections in this, what I now call Hawaiian punch Paint, I need a little more paint. I go back to my hobby shop and pick up another can or two of TS 36. After the first pass, I knew something was up! Those of you who said my original account was missed labeled were correct!


The trials and tribulations of Model building! So maybe this will be my Petty car after all!? God help me if I have to touch this paint up in anyway!



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