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BRBO21 Ford CL9000

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For me, construction reports like this one are excellent material for learning how to set up interesting us model semi-tractors, as I have their originals unfortunately hardly ever been able to see on our roads in Germany. You guys in the United states are really blessed! This model will be a feast for the eyes!

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Thanks everyone. The build has been pretty straightforward so far. 
Thanks for the picture Tommy. 

Here are a few more updates. Decals are on and glass is in. The cab is just sitting on the interior for reference.  I am going with the two hole Buds from Scenes Unlimited on Moluminum tires all the way around. Had to add each lug separately. Now I realize I need better glasses! The decals glazed in a couple spots but I think some touch up paint will take care of that. Still need to decide on fuel tanks. Hardest part coming up, the photo etched stacks. Never tried to do these but at least I have a spare set just in case. 



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Wow!! Brian you’re really knocking this thing out!! It looks great!! I like it! The two hole rims are an excellent choice!

 I don’t know if you have made a decision on the tanks yet, but sometimes I use PVC pipe and either paint it or I have wrapped it in thin aluminum glued on with two part epoxy.

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