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2022 Lamborghini Countach QT...scratch build

Dann Tier

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3 hours ago, NOBLNG said:

Wow! Amazing¬†progress in less than two days!ūü§™ Seriously, that is looking fabulous!ūüĎćūüĎćūüĎćYour skills are absolutely incredible Dann.

Thanks, Greg!, but it was already started when i decided to start posting again, lol


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New update here!  Wheels and chassis. For now, this build will be a curbside, i just need to finish the body to get that other ugly design out of my head -redemption for the REAL Countach. As you can tell, the doors, bonnet, and hood will still be able to be open when i get to making the actual interior, and engine. I'm also using a trick that i've used a few times before to be able to set the level ride height i want, as well as being able to do slight horizontal slides back and forth. This trick is perfect for anticipating all four wheels wont touch the ground properly, and gives you a way to tweak them to sit level on all fours, even though something is warped.

-Photo 1&2; The PZero tyres came from a Tamiya Mythos kit, and i gutted the wheels from a Fujimi Lamborghini wheel n tyres set. You have to have a version of these iconic wheels -NOT slightly modified Aventador wheels. It took me a little while to come up with how to make these wheels different when there are so many styles already used. I decided to ditch the five lugs, and go with knock-offs...no Countach has had that. This is just the start of the wheels...i have something more unique to add!

 I made these wheels out of flat, round, and tubular styrene, and sandwiched them between the Tamiya rings after i split them. I used a multiple circle template with center locaters to start. These were my second attempt at the wheels...the first ones were Terrible.

-Photo 3; The tubular spindles are glued to thin strips of styrene that slide freely up, and down. I'm not the best at math/measurements, but being able to adjust the wheels verticals will cover up any F-ups, lol.

-Photo 4; Notice the horizontal slots that allows the front and rear suspensions to move back and forth horizontally.

-Photo 5;You can see how i did the rest of my adjustable suspension...the rear is the same.

-Photo 6; Just another view.

-Photo 7&8; Like other hyper cars, this bugger needed to be lowered.










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10 hours ago, Mattilacken said:

Really neat wheel setup, especially since most of it will rarely be seen, most times the cars are only on display to look good and then the wheel placement is way more important than double a arms and being ‚Äúcorrect‚ÄĚ. Great progress man!¬†

Thanks!, i'm glad you're liking it, Anton!

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Hey, everyone!...another update here...

-Photo 1; Here are the tailight/mesh trim -third try, lol...rear wing, and LED headlamps. 

-Photo 2; Alot was happening here...finished opening all the windows, and air boxes...made the body work that is under the rear wing, including slots for the uprights of the active aero. I wanted to keep the fuel filler cap in the NACA duct, but with the new engine bay to come, it was better to put it in the B-pillar like the newer Lambos. I also did a rear quarter window delete which goes back to the LP500 prototype.

-Photo 3; i needed to add a stopper for the tailight/mesh trim part.

-Photo 4; Tailight opening gapped enough to allow for paint thickness. That rear wing was a bugger to fit, it kept snapping on the end....hope it survives final sanding, lol. I'm pretty stoked at how its fitting together.





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1 hour ago, Mattilacken said:

Absolutely love it! Is it based of the original or is it al scratch? 

Thanks!, When i started it, the plan was to just tweak an Aoshima kit, but as i kept going, i ended up cutting away everything that was Aoshima. Only the roof, and bonnet are left from the kit, lol....so i guess its 99.9% SB.


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Dann, I am continually amazed at how you manage to accomplish so much so quickly and do it so well!

It usually takes me a couple of months to build a kit from a box with the minor mods that I usually do. And here you are scratch-building a chassis and body in just a few days!

Just. Wow.

David G.

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