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GSL-XXVIII '29 Track Nose Roadster K&R Slice-n-Dice Special

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  • Kit Karson changed the title to GSL-XXVIII '29 Track Nose Roadster K&R Slice-n-Dice Special 7-4-22
  • Kit Karson changed the title to GSL-XXVIII '29 Track Nose Roadster K&R Slice-n-Dice Special 7-7-22

Here she rests giving thought to the next major process'...


5W Deuce Louvered Trunk Lid will replace the '29's Stock Deck Lid...


Already plugged the rear panel...


But, it's what's coming up front that will be the biggest test of the former construction! -KK

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On 7/23/2022 at 7:42 AM, Rocking Rodney Rat said:

What's been going on??? Oh, yeah, chopping in '30 coupe. We need an update!!! 😳 -RRR

Been noodling the tail end of the '29 TNR's belly pan... 



Pierson Bros Coupe came up in a conversation with @Dennis Lacy& @Rocking Rodney Rat with regards of evacuating the heat trapped inside of the belly pan...

Had planned on something along the lines of a winged heat diffuser instead of a roll pan that wouldn't help relieving the hot air flow:


Following the same plan as the belly pan...


Liked the fit of the leftover Revell '32 Orange Crate Belly Pan piece backed up to the same piece used in the '29 TNR's belly pan...20220724_122444.thumb.jpg.7c979fc7b6048b602cc70c045e275b82.jpg


Had to see these parts married together...


Let's see how this might look like flipped over...





Has potential... I've held on to another idea for quite some time now as to how to finish the skirts on either side of the differential cover!  We'll go there next time.. -KK

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  • Kit Karson changed the title to GSL-XXVIII '29 Track Nose Roadster K&R Slice-n-Dice Special 7-26-22

I know that these Monogram '37 Ford Inner Fenders are available in white styrene, but until a pair kan be located, here's my idea:



Placing the louvers inside out in the tail of the belly pan to further add to eliminating heat inside the belly pan might look like this:


Or, maybe like this:


We'll see...

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While looking for a pair of REVELL 1937 FORD SEDAN inner fenders in white, went ahead and carved out what will be heat removing louvers at the aft end of the '29 TNR's belly pan:








@Dennis Lacy& @Rocking Rodney Ratcaught up with me this morning, yep, they live on opposite sides of the continent yet with their help the white inner fenders were located!  Thanks, guys!!


Be here the first of the month! -KK

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  • Dave Ambrose changed the title to GSL-XXVIII '29 Track Nose Roadster K&R Slice-n-Dice Special

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