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GSL-XXVIII '29 Track Nose Roadster K&R Slice-n-Dice Special

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The Common Kit for GSL-XXVIII is the Revell 1929 Ford Model A Roadster (kit #RMX854463). The intent of this Class is for each entrant to start with the same kit, then display their widest array of individual creativity, craftsmanship, building skills, and technical innovations. The entrant may build the entry in any style or vintage. Regardless, all entered models must be based upon the parts from this kit. Entrants may also: i) swap parts from any other kit(s); ii) use any aftermarket parts (except for complete aftermarket resin bodies); and iii) use any building materials, techniques or technologies without restriction.


'29 Track Nose Roadster '41 Lincoln V-12 Flat Head







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Nice choice of engine, I love V12s but am used to the Italian versions.   I've wondered if there is a minimum content amount required, all I know from the VW contest that resin conversion bodies are not allowed.  Look forward to watching. 😎

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On 1/7/2022 at 9:26 PM, 89AKurt said:

Nice choice of engine, I love V12s but am used to the Italian versions.   I've wondered if there is a minimum content amount required, all I know from the VW contest that resin conversion bodies are not allowed.  Look forward to watching. 😎

Brother, how are the GSL management going to respond if this roadster is being towed by my '28 XPU?

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6 minutes ago, Kit Karson said:

It's the stock manual transmission out of the Monogram 1/24th scale 1941 Lincoln Continental Convertible.



I believe the question about the trans is in relation to the white transmission in the right side of your pic above. It does look like the transmission from the Rat Roaster. This looks like a nice project. Good to see you're up and about again, KK... -RRR

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Because the Revell '29 Roadster kit offers a choice of two frames, the '29 Track Nose Roadster will be running on the '29's Deuce frame.  Revell's Deuce Rails are designed to allow the builder to have a High Boy roadster. 


Looking down at the deuce rails you can see the difference between the rear of the frame designed to fit inside and under the roadster body:


To achieve the track nose's overall height the body will be channeled over the frame, so modifying the rails to fit under the body took some studying.  Here's the before and after:






Narrowing the '29 Deuce Frame Notches Kut Out




Might have to lengthen the Narrowed '29 Deuce Frame to fit the '41 Lincoln V-12 Flat Head



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On 1/7/2022 at 5:24 PM, chris chabre said:

this is going to be good! what's the trans off of? Rat roadster?

Chris, you are correct!  Rat Roaster TKO500 Trany


Rat Roaster TKO500 Trany Separation from the tree: (Note: AMT Phantom Vickie Deuce Frame)


It had to be an act from at least four/five years ago.  The side that's up in the above picture shows seventeen years of abuse of benchtop cutting board.


I looked back at the title of the folder: '29 Track Nose Roadster '41 Lincoln V-12 Flat Head\'29 Track Roadster Lincoln V-12‏\S.C.O.T. Potvin V-12 Lincoln 3-14-16


In fact, the date of this picture was ‎June ‎22, ‎2016...  wanna guess how long this roadster concept had been rattling around in the back of my mind!?.

Back in the first month of 2011, Brother @Rocking Rodney Rat started on his Lakes Turtledeck Potvin Flat Head Roadster:



I was over the top with RRR's rendition of the Potvin Supercharged Flat Head V-8!


Build pics @: http://public.fotki.com/jferren/lakes-turtledeck/

A rare look at RRR working at my bench:100_9373.jpg.55e3534b297c4a547322e1e22c163ba4.jpg




Thanks for the memories, @chris chabre-KK


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20 hours ago, Dennis Lacy said:

Nice work squeezing the frame! Instead of stretching the frame, shove the engine under the cowl. 😁

ADL, we are so on the same page!  From my initial measurements and considering the centered single seat version:


The Steering Gear (suit sprint car) is from The Parts Box: 

2233.jpg.dd31ebda53ac91f02e02d57908a419a7.jpg http://www.thepartsbox.com/

It may require both centering the weight of the engine rearward and retaining legroom for the pilot as a rationale for a bit of frame extension.  A longer wheelbase is also a plus along with a slightly stretched hood will add to the sleek style of a '29 Track Nose Roadster! -KK


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  • Dave Ambrose changed the title to GSL-XXVIII '29 Track Nose Roadster K&R Slice-n-Dice Special

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