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Millennium Jade Tamiya R34 Skyline Z-Tune


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I didn’t post any work in progress pictures on the forum, as it was all on my Instagram.

This has always been one of my favorite kits to build, and I would build 2 more in a heartbeat ūüėā.¬†

This one was painted using Splash Paints Millennium Jade and topped off with Splash Paints 2k clear coat. 

I decided to make this one a V-Spec II N√ľr edition, with the R-Tune decals. If this were a real car, it would be ultra rare lol.¬†

The body has no modifications at all, it is right out of the box, minus mold line clean up and scribing of course. 

The decals used are the Tamiya Detail up set R-Tune decals, and all emblems used are the metal Hobby Design decals. The front lip, b-pillars, and rear spoiler upper are Scale Motorsports carbon fiber. All of the bumper mesh is photo etch from the Tamiya detail set. 

The front end needed some added detail, so I made some intercooler piping out of solder, and the couplers are heat shrink with BMF for the clamps. 

The interior was sprayed using a combo of Splash Paints and some Tamiya acrylics. I wanted to add a little more detail, so I used some Eduard photo etch Sparco harnesses and some embossing powder for carpet. 

The suspension was lowered some, and the wheels are 3D printed by myself, and are Volk TE37s. They are finished in the just released Splash Paints TE Bronze. They have RB Motion valve stems, and Hobby Design Volk Decals. 

The brakes are photo etched rotors from the Tamiya detail set, and the calipers were sprayed in a custom mix from Splash Paints to replicate the Orange calipers that were optional on these cars/R35s. 

The exhaust is a catback made from styrene tubing with a ZoomOn Model HKS style metal muffler. 

Thanks for checking out the build! 










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9 hours ago, michelle said:

awesome work 

Thank you very much!

2 hours ago, Yeah Nah said:

Another superb Skyline Scott! Absolute stunner.

Thanks! This was my first dual build. I have always been afraid I would not give each model the level of detail they needed if I ever did a dual build.  It seems to be very easy if they're two of the same kit, lol.

1 hour ago, ncbuckeye67 said:

Wow, that's amazing!

Thank you!

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4 minutes ago, peter31a said:

That is one cool clean R34 Skyline, Scott. Kudos!

Thank you Peter

17 minutes ago, SpikeSchumacher said:


Thanks man


1 hour ago, 70 Sting said:

Nice build for sure. That 2k clear is cool stuff. Nice subtle burn marks on the exhaust bends. Great photography as well.

2k Clear is no joke, lol. When applied correctly, it is like glass and has awesome depth. Thank you for the kind words!

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18 minutes ago, drodg said:

That is a great build.  I really wouldn't know those cars but I have a 21 year old grandson who loves Skylines..    

Thank you very much David.  Skylines are definitely a wicked car...it's a shame now that they're becoming legal to import to the States, that the prices are astronomical.

3 minutes ago, Mattilacken said:

Beautifull work! Looks super!

Thank you!

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55 minutes ago, lghtngyello03 said:

Thank you very much David.  Skylines are definitely a wicked car...it's a shame now that they're becoming legal to import to the States, that the prices are astronomical.

Thank you!

So true. 

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5 hours ago, bogger44 said:

Stunning build and excellent photography!  That chassis is a work of art with the subtle weathering.  Congrats!

Thank you very much! 

4 hours ago, ddk said:

Great job ! I love it !



4 hours ago, H.A.K said:

Great work.

Thank you! 

3 hours ago, karbuildr said:

Stunning build. Truly beautiful with outstanding detail in every regard.

Thank you sir!

2 hours ago, Dragonhawk1066 said:

This one is awesome as well! Great color choice along with the graphics!

This color is one of my favorites on the R34

1 hour ago, Jim B said:

Great looking Skyline. Really well done. 

Thank you! 

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