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1966 Chevy Nova SS


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This one hit the shelves again so I bought it since I haven't built one of these in years. Most of them were painted either Regal red, Marina Blue or Black, it seems, from looking at photos online.  But I wanted to be a bit different and I haven't painted one this color in quite a while so here it is in Dupli-Color Pure White. I'll rub it out tomorrow. The interior will be Turquoise using Testors Extreme Lacquer to get rid of part of a can. I'll take the sparkle out with some Dullcote. Still waiting for the oven cleaner to do its thing on the 65 Ford Galaxie. Thanks for looking! 😎



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Thanks, Greg, and Bob! I appreciate your comments! 

Rubbed out the body today without rubbing out any edges and foiled the greenhouse. Foil is hard to see with all the white.  Mocked up the basic interior. I'll work  on the engine and chassis next. As I remember, the inner fender liners have to be lined up just right to get the body to sit on them right and get the hood lined up straight. Thanks for looking! 😎






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Thanks, Guido, Gregg, David, Carl and Joe! I appreciate your comments! Joe, I am just going Factory Stockish with this one. I will probably use the wheels in the kit instead of hubcaps and try to find some white letter tires for the wheels.  I built the last one of these Pro Street and I'll find it around here somewhere before I'm done. 

Completed engine assembly and added plug wires, fuel line and a alternator bracket so that it wouldn't be flying on its own. I didn't want to use a pre-wired distributor since if it is wired right, the only thing that is visible are the wires coming out of the distributor and going behind the engine. So I drilled out a distributor and stuffed nine pieces of wire in it and then wired it up.

The doghouse leaves no room for any error and it is a very tight assembly so it takes a lot of attention to make sure everything is square. Body and hood seem to fit well and everything looks square to me so I guess its done! Next is interior detailing. Oh, I also need to find a couple of 327 badges for the valve covers. Thanks for looking! 😎







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Chassis is done, wheels are on and the interior is complete. I used a set of tires from the parts box that are a little smaller and wider than the skinny whitewalls in the kit. I was going to dd white letter decals but decided there's enough white already so I left them black walls. The front will sit down a little more when its glued down. 

In the interior, I used the extra decal from the 69 Nova and cut it down for the speedo, gas gauge and other gauge. I added foil, chrome pen and a turn signal indicator lever. Window glass is next and then on to final assembly! Thanks for looking! 😎








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Thanks, everyone! I appreciate your comments!

This one is done!  I had a few setbacks or I would have been done yesterday. First, I knocked out the rear window while finishing the rear and it was a bear to get back in while the body was on. The clear plastic included in this issue can only be described as "stiff cellophane." I also had to reattach the front fenders and bumper/grill to get the hood to sit right. But its done now, including decals. See final photos along with a Pro Street version from a previous build in the "Under Glass" section. Thanks for looking! 


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