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70 Challenger

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I originally got one of these kits about 15years ago and thought it was a really good kit.  I also bought a second one to do a conversion to a 71 Challenger.  That kit was different from the first in that it lacked the rally rims and racing gas cap.  I ranked the first kit as one of the better Round 2 kits for years.  My first one came out great, but this kit is another Round 2 head scratcher.  It left me more than a little frustrated.  First off, this is the new kit in the metal collector's box.  The box art has a Plum Crazy Challenger with a wing spoiler.  Awesome!  I love Challengers with spoilers; it's always been a criticism that they weren't in a lot of kits.  Now I can finally build one with a spoiler..............No, no, I won't.  There is no wing spoiler in the box.  Well at least it will have that nice vinyl SE top and the option to make it a convertible............Nope, neither are in the kit.  The vinyl top you get instead is for the regular wide window version.  However, the top is not complete; as in there isn't a complete frame and the car's body is supposed to complete the lower portion of the window frame.  So you have to paint the body to match the vinyl top.  Did I mention the fit is not so great for the top?  Yeah, it's not as good a fit as the old kit.  I would have done the convertible if it had come with the option.  The hood fit is also bad, so I had to glue it shut.  The dash fit was also pretty bad and I had a hard time getting it in.  The only good thing I could say about the kit was that they have all new decals for SOME of the emblems.  Kind of a head scratcher as to why they didn't do the Challenger emblems for the fenders.  Over all, the kit came out alright, but nowhere near as good as my first.


  53506512902_a1fd18f271_k.jpgSAM_1558 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr


53507825385_3f322d11f6_k.jpgSAM_1559 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr


53506512892_312fb73af5_k.jpgSAM_1560 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr

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