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'62 Ford junk body, making it into something

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I got this old junker for free and tore it apart.

My only disappointments are NO glass and it has the custom front and rear permanently glued on, with a LOT of glue!

I won't be using much of it but I wish I could've had the stock front and rear even though I have "plans" for it.





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Posted (edited)

I chose the Foose Caddy frame, so now I'll have to highly modify it to fit the pickup.

First I made air bags from thick sprue.

Then I fitted them to a parts box rear end that was the proper width.

I scratched up some 4 links and, well it's a start!




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I fought with the custom front and rear bodywork but ended up putting it away quite some time ago.

I did open up the slots under the hood.

But now that the kit is re-issued, I brought it back to the "shop"




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Posted (edited)

I made some smooth  24s from chrome custom parts box rims.

Painted them Tamiya white primer and clearcoat.

Added Revell '57 Ford caps with the white decals and turned aluminum valve stems from RB Motion.



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Using parts box stuff I found a cool boss 302!

But why did I choose an engine with a seam down the oil pan??

Oh well, I cut it off because the front sump wont clear the dropped suspension.

And I had to add styrene scraps to build back material removed by cutting.

So now that I have the rear sump and oil pan reversed, I can see if those motor mounts work.







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Here's the frame set up for a Chevy, so those motor mounts or transmission mount won't work.

I cut off those motor mounts and moved them up front to line up with the 302, and I made a transmission crossmember for the 4 speed.



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So with the rear end installed and the engine and transmission mounts added, I could make a driveshaft.

I had this one in the junk pile, looks like it's from a Thunderbolt kit.

I file near the ends because it's easier to hold that way, before I cut the ends off.

I leave the thinned out parts attached so they push into aluminum tubing.

So now I have a quick and easy driveshaft of the proper length.



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I modified a firewall from the scrap heap and fitted it.

I made a hinge and some under hood structure.

Test fit, should be good enough.

Grille is 3D printed '62 with the top and bottom center sections removed. Still working on that.





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From the underside the firewall didn't meet the outer body panels.

So I made up little pieces to fill that out.

Fun stuff, probably not important but I like doing little things like this.







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Ah yes… another slice and dice special from Dennis. Looks fantastic so so far my friend, keep at it!! Those wheels look really nice. As Greg mentioned above, you seem to have a very methodical approach to your builds, love it.

Cheers, Steve

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Posted (edited)

I cut a tunnel and some tubs from junkpile pieces, like this floor.

Then I fitted styrene sheet to create a bed floor with clearance for the bags to drop it down.

Getting my fingers in to putty and sand was a bit of a problem, but I persisted and got it good enough.







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Behind the grill is going to show so I cleaned up that lower bit by adding styrene.

If you recall, the front custom piece as well as the rear custom parts were really glued on and puttied and actually not straight or square, so I worked with what I had.



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For the rear, I molded the sides of the roll pan to make it look more cohesive.

Then I cut a slot at the bottom of the tailgate to also make the roll pan seem like a better fit.

Overall, I'm okay with the rear styling, even though I would have preferred the stock rear tailgate and bumper.




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