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Forum website has been sluggish for the last few days

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I have noticed it few days ago that it takes exta long time for anything I try to do.

After I click on anything (like bringing up a thread or going to the unread part of a thread, or hovering over a thread subject line to see the little first/latest post summary), the status line on the bottom of my browser shows "Waiting for www.modelcarsmag.com".  Then after some time the forum websites responds and supplies the requested into which then renders fast.

I don't recall experiencing anything like that for such extended period of time.  I access the forum various times of the day (from about 7am to midnight), and the access is slow at all the times I have been accessing the forum.  I have no sluggishness accessing any other websites.

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Ditto...and all my caches are clear on all my browsers and I've already upgraded to the o-so-much-mo-better "New Chrome".

EDIT: And right now it's glitching like mad, dumping edits, etc. I'll be surprised if this posts.

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10 hours ago, Dave Ambrose said:

I'm seeing that too. I'll investigate. 

Thanks Dave. 

I've been experiencing similar problems as well. 

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