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Modified Re-issues- Which Kit(s) Would You Like to See?

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Which kit(s) or tooling would you like to see modified to produce another variant(s)? For example, a '71 Dodge Demon based on the AMT '71 Plymouth Duster 340 kit, or a '56 Chevy Nomad based on the Revell Tri-Five tooling.

Have at it. :D

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AMT 71 Charger - 72 Charger Rallye

Revell 66 GTO - 67 GTO

Revell 72 Hurst/Olds - 70 442 hardtop

Revell 68\69 Charger - 70 Charger

AMT 71 Duster - 71 Demon

AMT 68 Roadrunner/ 69 GTX - 69 1/2 Roadrunner A-12 (aka 6bbl)

Monogram Dusenberg - any body style that hasn't been done !!!!!!!!!!!

AMT 66 Olds 442 - 66/67 Buick GS

Monogram Cord 812 Phaeton - Cord 812 Beverley or Winchester sedan.....or Sportsman

AMT 57 Chrysler 300 or 58 Plymouth Belvedere - 57/58 DeSoto Adventurer or Dodge Coronet D-500

AMT 41 Plymouth - 48 Plymouth business coupe

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I've always been a Trans Am fan, but many of the earlier models have only been issued by MPC/AMT, and those are junk in my personal opinion. I'd like to see Revell modify the 1968 Firebird into the 69 Trans Am, the 1970 1/2 T/A into a 74 to 76 model, and also the 78 into a 79 to 81 version. I know that most all these years were offered by MPC, but like I said, those are junk in my opinion compared to the Revell offerings. If I remember, Monogram made a 79, but was a custom, I want a bone stock version and not based off a snap kit either.

EDIT:Oh, and a new Type K Sportwagon would be nice, too!

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Ferrari 599 GTO & 599XX based upon Revell AG (or Fujimi) 599 GTB.

'69 Mercury Marauder X100 derived from AMT '69 Galaxie B)

1/25 70 Trans Am & 74 SD 455 from AMT '70 Camaro.

'98-newer Crown Vic & Marauder based on Lindberg '97 Crown Vic.

'61 Ventura based on AMT '62 Bel Air, '62 Catalina, or Lindberg '61 Impala.

2012 GT & Boss Mustang based on Revell 2010 Mustang GT.

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In addition to many already mentioned (some really good ideas here, guys!)-

AMT- Panel Delivery version for '53 F-100 Trophy Series

MPC- Restoration of Panel Delivery body and floor to '32 Chevrolet kit

Revell- '30 Ford closed cab pickup based on the Tudor kit

Another request for a formal hardtop '72 Cutlass from Revell B)

AMT- Standard Cutlass based on the '66 4-4-2 kit

Revell- '51 Mercury based on '49 custom kit

AMT- '49/'50 Ford or Mercury woody wagon based on the '49 Coupe kit

AMT- '59 Cadillac Hearse based on Ecto 1a kit (Polar Lights version would be just as good, IMHO.)

Revell- '99 Silverado 1500 updated to '03-'06 style

Revell- Closed cab pickup and Fordor (yes I said it!) versions of the '32 Ford kits.

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'68-69 Chevelle based on the Revell '72 Olds chassis

'67-68 Skylark based on the same

'04-'08 F150 based on the Revell Harley Davidson and no, I would not care if the chassis and drivetrain wouldn't be "absolutely correct"

'72-'73 Ventura based on the Revell '69 Nova

'66 Bel Air or Biscayne based on the Revell '66 Impala

'64 Fairlane,a truly stock Fairlane, from the Revell T-Bolt

'67 Fairlane from the AMT '66 Fairlane

That would keep me busy for a good while. :lol:

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1940 Ford Woody from Revell 40 Ford tooling

31 Ford slant windshield fordor town sedan based on Revell 31 Model A tooling. Of course I'm probably the only one who wants this so I could easily replicate my own car.

I agree with Chuck for wanting a closed cab 30/31 A pick up based on the revell sedan/woody

A stock 40 Ford pick'up & a proper stock 38 Ford pick-up with correct cab

29/29 tudor and coupe from the AMT/MPC wagon/p'up kit.

Any new station wagon kits.

That's it for now... :lol:

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2012 Boss 302 Mustang ------ Revell 2010 Mustang

Oh yeah...that one in Boss 302, Boss 302 Laguna Seca and Boss 302R versions gets my vote.

Others from '11 releases:

2011 Mustang GT from Revell 2010 Mustang GT (i.e. get the 5.0 motor)

2011 Mustang Shelby GT500 from Revell 2010 Mustang GT

2012 Chevy Camaro Z-28 from Revell 2011 Chevy Camaro SS

Variations from tooling already out that come to mind for me:

'11 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 from '09 Dodge Challenger SRT8

'65 GTO ht from Revell '66 GTO ht

'67 GTO ht or conv from Revell '66 GTO ht

'70-72 Olds 442 fastback from Revell '72 Olds conv

'70-72 Olds Cutlass SX or Supreme formal ht from Revell '72 Olds conv

'68-69 Chevelle SS ht from Revell '72 Olds

'71-72 Buick GS from Revell '72 Olds or '70 Buick GSX

'70 Dodge Charger R/T from Revell '68/69 Charger R/T

'68-69 Dodge Coronet R/T from Revell '68/69 Charger R/T

'69 Mustang Boss 302 from '69 Mach 1 (with corrected headlight buckets)

'69 Mercury Cyclone GT or Spoiler from '69 Talledega

'70 Mercury Cyclone from '70 Torino

'57 Chevy Bel Air convertible or Nomad from Revell modern-tool '57 Chevy Bel Air 2dr sedan

'56 Chevy Bel Air ht or convertible from Revell '56 Chevy 2dr sedan

'32 Ford Victoria, B400, Phaeton, sedan delivery, or 4dr sedan street rods from Revell modern-tool '32 Ford

I'm hesitant to list any modified reissues for AMT or Lindberg because those seem much less likely to occur compared to Revell.

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Monogram did an 80/1 Turbo T/A as a 1/24 full glue kit. Red car on the box.

I was aware of the turbo, if I remember it was a very similar mold to the 78, correct? I would like to still see a non turbo version with the shaker hood like the MPC 10th Anniversary T/A nightmare.

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I love these threads. While everyone wishes that Revell or AMT would do all these modified reissues, I just sit here and smile. :rolleyes: Because these lists look a lot like my collection of kits, builts and resins.

1967 GTO, 1968-69 Coronet, 1970 Charger, 1970 Cyclone, 1970 Trans Am...got 'em.

1966 Skylark, 1971 Demon, 1972 Dodge Charger, 1968 Chevelle...got them too.

1968 GTO, AMT Matador X, 1970 442 HT, 1974 Trans Am, 1972 Ventura...check.

While every one wishes and hopes, I can build these whenever the mood strikes. If I want more details I'll bash them with newer kits but most likely I'll build them all in their full metal axle glory. :lol:

Most of these are builders, some are mint kits and a few are resin. While you guys sit and wait and ponder the what ifs, I'll be building mine. :lol:

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Only one comes to mind at this time: 1964 JoHan Plymouth Fury convertible/hardtop......Repop as a Fury(not sport Fury) separated interior pieces with separate underhood tin. Use the same body with excellent engraving it has. Steel wheels and same engine only without the holes for the axles.You could also maybe make a 65 Satellite out of the tooling too. Sure would be nice.

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Oh, oh, oh!!!! How about the MPC Dodge van reissued with the CORRECT GRILLE!!!!

Even better the MPC '77 as 109" wheelbase shorty with side cargo doors. :D

I agree and would like to see the same of the GM f/s vans too. The body molds of the GM van need some restoration around the drip molds, but I'd love to see newer interiors, maybe the Chevy and GMC grills with both single and dual headlights.

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