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Chevrolet Mako Shark II 1965


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The Mako Shark II was unveiled in 1965. There were 2 cars made. A non running "clay" car followed by a running prototype. The original non running clay car had a unique side exhaust and the interior features an aircraft style square steering wheel and a huge array of gauges.

The model of the clay model was built from a MPC Custom Corvette kit. The kit was not komplet so I used only the body, the mold of passanger bay and seats. A simple chassis, exhaust, dashboard and steering wheel were scratcbuilt. Wheels and tyres are made of resin.

I loved this car from the begining ! The built of this model made me the most enjoy. There was a lot of things to scratchbuilt, to make templates for mold parts from resin or to carve the dashbord and draw the instruments on computer.








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Nice job of building this from the custom Vette. I have that custom one and I have one of the Mako Shark II kits that I'm going to rebuild. I built it when I was a kid and I never painted it, so it should be kinda easy to rebuild. I hope that I can get as good a paint job as you did on this one. Great job. :) Dan

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WOW, Nice looking build.

I was just thinking about this very car a couple days ago and was wondering if there was ever a 1/25th scale kit of it( I have the metal open cockpit car........Franklin mint maybe ?)

I never knew the closed car was a non running clay mockup.

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