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OTB - The Rusty Corvette is finally done!

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I actually built this for the MidAtlantic NNL Corvette theme this past spring. It was a one week mad dash to get it onto the show table, and it wasn't finished, just pieced together and as long as nobody picked it up we were fine :)


It had been sitting in the upper left corner of my bench since the show. The engine was never assembled, and nothing... not interior to body or body to chassis were glued. Just press fit and easy to fall apart. So in my mad end of year sweep, I figured I could finish it up in a day... so here it is.


This one may be a Christmas card someday! No worries it has snow tires.


Earlier photos of the interior. Drivers seat got split in two places.


The interior was made suitably messy. The tool box and Dunkin' Donuts old style box were sitting on my shelf for years so I thought I'd just go and use them. I wanted to add visual interest in the view through the big back window.


Nothing was done under the hood for the show, that was all done this week. The headers were awful and upon installing them, I realized it would be difficult to impossible to add plug wires. Since this model is pretty much a spot gag that has already sailed, I opted for simple and left out the wires. That's a first for me in a long time. I must be getting mellow in my old age. And I figured the clean and new under the hood look was sorta rat rod like someone pulled it out of the swamp and installed new everything to get 'er going.


And here it is in all it's rusty glory. Have to admit you've never seen one before.


Yea, those headers stunk. But the jumbled look kinda works for this build. DSC00332-vi.jpg

I did put new mags on the front, but I'm not sure I like them. What do you think? Leave them as if they were added with the engine, or rust 'em up?


and a chassis shot. Look at that shiny new engine. Again, those headers stink! The big secret is that one of them is actually two parts with a missing section in the middle that isn't visible on the build.

I always said I wanted to do a Rusty Corvette someday, so I can scratch it off the bucket list.

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Good job Tom.

I just knew at least one person would point out your "mistake" even though you mention in your post it's a gag. But then I've long suspected that reading before posting is going out of fashion...

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I like it!!

If Corvettes were steel, they WOULD rust.

By the way, there is a lot of places for a Corvette to rust.

A friend of mine is restoring a '78 Anniversary edition, and that thing was all rusted out. Around the windshield, the firewall, lot's of places on the floor pan, were all rusted. It was a mess!!

Take a look:


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Lol, love it Tom! I'd love to be at a show to see how people react to that without realizing it's intended as a joke.

It is fun Joe! There are those who take themselves a bit too seriously, and feel the need to scold me as if I've recently fallen off the turnip truck (and for the record, I don't think I've ever seen a turnip truck). When they do, I just flip the back of the model up at them....


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LOL, love that plate Tom!

A few years back we had a regular customer build a weathered '55 Cameo delivery truck that was really well done for one of our HTU contests. The paint had some nicely done patina and a few rust holes.....including a couple in the bed sides..........the fiberglass bed sides. I was the only to notice that but just couldn't bring my self to knock the guy (he's a good guy and a regular), or even mention it to him until earlier this year. Turns out he didn't even know they were 'glass until we talked about it a few months ago. Next time he comes in, I'll have to show him your Vette!

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