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1949 Mercury


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Just finished this AMT kit,just needs some more blackwash on the grill and install of the radiator hoses.

It`s built out of the box,i used some flame mask i found on Ebay and Tamiya paint. From the parts box

are outside mirror,antenna and front indicators,they are the same style as the rear lights,59 Cadillac-ish.

The v12 is the original v8 with added 4cyl from a parts engine from a 48 Ford. I used 2 webers and exhaust

tips from an old Ferrari kit,added an supercharger and some small things. Not really that nice so this will keep

its hood shut lol. I was aiming more at the hot rods over the custom lead slead style. Anyway,here are some pics.

Comments and constructive critique is welcome.








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Looks pretty good. My only comments would be to check the right side taillight, it looks like it's on crooked–the "bullets" look like they are pointing upwards. Also the antenna is way out of scale... you might want to replace it with a length of wire that's closer to correct scale. Other than that... very nice!

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Thanks for the feedback.

I will look into the crooked taillight and antenna,but not sure if i have anything correct scale for the antenna.

You can always make your own antenna Tommy. I make them with heated & stretched pieces of left over sprue. You can stretch them to what ever thickness you need, & get as detailed as you like. I start with a slightly larger piece for the base section, drill out the end & glue in a thinner piece for the "telescoping" section. Slightly heat the tip to give you the little "ball" at the top, & a bigger one at the bottom for the base. experiment a little. It's just waste plastic any way. :) Steve

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